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School, University & Church Signs Orange County, CA


We offer a wide variety of signage used in schools and churches!

Events, fundraising, classroom, directional signs, message boards....we can help!

We can provide signs for advertising your speakers, golf tournaments and special events. We will help with facility and safety signs for your building. Need more ADA Braille signs to be compliant? Parking lot signs to control traffic?

The photos above give you a snapshot of the various types of signage found on church and school campuses. Feel free to explore even more examples by following each link:

Building Signs - From illuminated channel letters to formed plastic letters, we are a licensed CA electrical sign contractor. Let us help you replace or refurbish your entrance and building signs.

ADA Compliant Signs- Required for all public buildings, be sure your facility is up to date with the latest CA ADA compliant signage, including Exit signs, EVAC maps, Classroom numbers, handicap and restroom sign- age, to name a few examples.

Changeable Reader-Boards - Typically illuminated, light-box cabinets are made with easily changeable inserts to announce your upcoming events.

Digital Banners - Advertise an event, speaker or sports activity with an inexpensive, full color banner!

Directional & Way-Finding - Need help directing your students and parishioners around campus? Post and panel signs, fence or stake signs are a great solution.

Event Signs - Post yard signs at the entrance or in the parking lot and advertise your fundraisers and events.

LED Message Boards - The modern way to illuminate your messages, announce activities and post information for your students, parents and the click of your keyboard.

Safety and Parking Signs - Whenever there are busy parking lots, you need safety signs! "Stop" and "Slow" signs are a must. Regulatory signs must be posted to be able to tow away improperly parked cars. New regulations require you to post the name of your tow company, right on the sign.

Donor Recognition Panels - Looking for a way to thank your school or church donors? Honor them with a series of acrylic panels that "float off the wall" with their names proudly listed. Larger panels can hold a list of names and smaller panels can feature one donor they stand out! Give us a call for ideas!

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