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Window & Wall Graphics

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Wall and window graphics have a dual function. While they beautify your office or store space, they also assist with branding and name recognition. Finding just the right balance between artistic expression and effective marketing is a hallmark of the products that America’s Instant Signs designs, manufactures and installs.

Who Uses These Graphics?

The better question would be: who does not? Restaurants of all sizes and specialties rely on wall graphics to set the mood for their dining rooms. Store owners like the idea of using real backdrops to put shoppers in the mood for buying their products. Service providers and retailers alike use window graphics to display company names, store or office hours, specialties and other bits of information that consumers may find helpful.

In some cases, business owners like to use wall graphics in areas where decorative touches are needed but it would be impractical to use framed wall wart. This is frequently the case in smaller offices with narrow hallways and storefronts where shelving takes up the majority of the wall space.

Advantages of Graphics Use

Digitally printed graphics and computer cut vinyl lettering have the advantage of being versatile. Choose translucent, opaque, reflective, metallic or full-color versions to complement the look of your storefront or office. Displaying informative postings in a decorative manner goes a long way toward ensuring an attractive appearance that appeals to the targeted consumer demographic.

When used in lieu of paint jobs, you change the flat look of a wall into a breathtaking three-dimensional image of a scene that would be impossible to design even for a skilled mural painter. Imagine the beauty of an Italian plaza, French market or British flower shop. When you add these images to your store, you have the power to transform even a small space into one that looks and feels larger.

If you decide that it is time to change up the look, wall and window graphics are easy to remove. There is no chiseling and expensive wall or glass repair that needs to be undertaken to fix the substrate. When you are upgrading your location, these images remove easily and – in many cases – can be re-used at your new location.

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We look forward to serving you and helping you transform the look of your business. We routinely work with members of the Orange County business community and those from the surrounding areas. Bring us a photo of your storefront or office wall, and we gladly work with you to show you just how dramatic a transformation is possible – without the need for hiring an expensive painter.


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