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Legal, Accounting and Medical Professional Services Require a Variety of Signage

Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants Always Need Signs

Professional services companies, those companies whose personnel require advanced degrees or certification often need a variety of signage. Interior and exterior signs notwithstanding, lawyers, accountants and doctors need signs of all kinds. 

The photos above give you a snapshot of the types of signs professionals need.  Feel free to explore even more examples by following each link.

Interior Signs – Professionals always need a high quality logo in the entry area into their offices.  Doctors, lawyers and accountants gravitate to dimensional letters and logos often with polished gold, silver or bronze faces.  Similar signage can be found in their conference rooms.

Building Signs – As we do for all types of enterprises, we design, permit, fabricate and install a comprehensive variety of all types of illuminated and non-illuminated signs.  Upscale signage is often the norm and “mixed-media” signage attracts the high end professional.

Monument Signs – Many professionals own their own buildings and have monument signs.  Whether these are made of concrete, stucco coated aluminum, or even a simple sandblasted wood signs, the designs, colors and construction mediums of these signs are endless.  Let us help you determine the best choice possible given the building aesthetics, compliance with city codes, and to help maximize the purpose and utility of your sign. 

Directories & Suite Sign – Enclosed, key-locked, illuminated, touch-screen, changeable Vista systems, and stand-off systems are just a few of the types of directories we offer.  Compliment your directory with matching suite/office signs to add the look of “professional” to all your signage.

Tradeshow/Presentation Signs – Whether doing a presentation or attending a tradeshow, professionals often have the need for temporary signage at a reasonable price.  Digital prints onto foam core works great for a rigid sign used with easels.  Lexan panels with digital prints also work well within standard tradeshow panels and framework.  Large or small, we can help with your presentation needs.

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