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Site Signs

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Property, Leasing, Building and Construction Site Signs Are the Most Common "Site Signs"

Advertise Your Property with a Large Site Sign

Property site signs are often constructed using 1/2" - 3/4"  thick MDO or Omega Board or4mm Alumalite. These materials are a popular choice for site signs, as the surface is smooth and shiny, and easily accepts vinyl lettering and graphics. These substrates  are available in either 4’ x 8’ or 4’ x  10’ parent panels, one-sided or two-sided,  and are usually mounted to 4” x 4” x 10’ tall posts. These types of signs are often found advertising lease space information at commercial developments, displaying company information at construction sites, and are used for announcing new developments.

  • MDO - Medium Density Overlay-Engineered Plywood with roller-polished paint finish.
  • Omega Board - High quality laminated panel board, constructed of premium grade plywood with a vinyl surface.
  • Alumalite - Corrugated plastic in the core with aluminum on both sides to provide rigidity and durability.

Please call for a free site survey, at which time we will suggest an appropriate size, based on the amount of information on the sign and the viewing distance desired.


  • MDO, Alumalite and Omegaboard are popular substrates

  • Your choice of vinyl lettering or digital graphics

  • We provide posts and installation

  • Economical, movable and reusable

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