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Lobby - Metal Laminate Letters & Panels

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Metal Laminate Is A Smart Choice for Lobby and Conference Room Logos

Crisp Edges, Lightweight , Durable and Economical

For a handsome metal look without the cost of a real metal alloy, choose individually cut metal laminate letters! A thin, real layer of .025” metal (available in several colors) is laminated to a substrate (such as acrylic, PVC or foam), and then each letter is routed out to create your custom letter or logo. Edge returns are clean, which means up close they look great and are very desirable for lobby lettering.

Premium Laminate Finishes Available:

  • Brushed, Soft Satin and Polished Aluminum

  • Brushed, Soft Satin and Polished Gold

  • Brushed Brass

Base Substrates Available:

  • Acrylic - 30 Standard Colors, from 1/8” to ½” thick

  • PVC - from 1/8” to 1” thick

  • Foam - 2lb. to 15lb., from ½” to 2” thick

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