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Lobby - Acrylic Letters

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Flat Cut Acrylic Letters Shine as Lobby Signage

Choose Acrylic for a Modern, Contemporary Look

For interior or exterior signs, acrylic cut letters continue to be a very popular choice! Dressy, crisp and shiny, acrylic is available in 30 standard colors (or it can be custom painted), and your logo and letters can be individually custom cut to the height, width and depth (1/8” to ½”) you require. For smaller and thinner acrylic logos, we simply silicone the letters directly to the wall, giving you a clean and tailored look. For larger and thicker acrylic logos, we may add threaded mounts on the backs of the letters, and either flush mount or stand them off the wall to create a "floating" effect.

Acrylic is suitable for both interior and exterior use and can be periodically washed with a mild detergent and quality car wax applied to keep its beautiful shine and color to last for years.

Give us a call and we’ll advise you of the best material to use based on the viewing distance, location and your budget!

  • Any Font, Any Size

  • Crisp Edges and Shiny Faces

  • Substantial & Professional Looking

  • 30 Standard Colors and 5 Standard Thicknesses

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