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LED, Changeable Readerboards & Neon Monuments

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Custom Digital LED Boards Allow for Instant Message Changes

Bright, Long-Lasting and Convenient to Operate

LED Message Boards – Popular for schools, churches, banks, civic centers and movie theatres, LED message boards are taking the place of changeable readerboards. Usually incorporated into a monument sign, these signs must be permitted by the city. The message can be remotely programed from  a hand-held control pad, or hard-wired to your computer with accompanying software. Scrolling, flashing, graphics and changing colors are just a few of the software features available. Letter height and length of each line are determined by the viewing distance required. Give us a call and we’ll help you incorporate a message board into your monument or pole sign!

LED Channel Letters – Individual channel letters lit by LED lights are becoming very popular as they are energy efficient and can fit into tight spaces and small letters, where neon cannot. Although not as bright as neon, LED is more durable than neon, and the individual LEDs can be replaced as needed, where neon is delicate and the entire tubing must be replaced within each letter when broken.

  • Single, two-color or tri-color LEDs

  • Scrolling, flashing, graphics

  • Hard wired or remoted control

  • Perfect for displaying and changing information on monument signs

Changeable Reader-Boards Are Economical and User Friendly

An Economical Choice

Changeable Letter Boards -(also known as reader-boards) are an inexpensive way to display changeable or temporary messages. Utilizing Pronto Changeable Letters, available in a variety of sizes, typestyles, and colors, these reader-boards are very effective and economical. The cabinets can be installed directly to walls, monument bases or on poles, and the reader-boards can be illuminated or non-illuminated depending upon your requirement.

  • All aluminum construction

  • Transluscent acrylic or polycarbonate faces

  • Clear, plastic track is spaced to accommodate any letter size

  • Many typestyles and letter heights available

  • Can be made to any size and shape

Classic Custom Neon Still an Old Favorite

Can Be Formed to a Traditional or Modern Look

Neon – Classic neon tubing comes in many colors and emits a very bright and colorful  light, and is typically used to light the face or back of a channel letter, or you may see it exposed within the channel letter or even as a separate, decorative element of the sign. Classic neon tubing and lighting is still in high demand for all types of signage because of its unique shaping and lighting ability.

  • Bright and colorful, available in a wide variety of standard colors

  • Custom made for your logo and design

  • Used within a channel letter, or an accent to your sign

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