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Routed Panel Monument Signs

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Custom Routed Panels Offer A Substantial Look

Route Your Letters Out of a Panel, or Route the Shape Around the Letters into a Panel

Illuminated Panels - In addition to individually routed letters, sometimes clients prefer to route letters out of a panel with the letters “missing” to reveal a recessed background color, and then illuminated from within. The panel becomes the primary shape, and can be “layered” with other elements, and formed into a “lightbox” to contain the lights. (See Bagel Me sample above.)

Metal Panels - Or perhaps a client might choose a solid, contoured metal panel shape and then add a digital image or dimensional letters applied to the face. This panel can be thick aluminum stud mounted to a wall, or thin aluminum screwed to the wall, and then down-lighted for a more dramatic effect. (See Courtside sample above.)

Acrylic/Foam Panels - Some clients want a sign with depth, so they choose a 2” thick foam panel with a smooth acrylic face and add digital or vinyl graphics to the face. This thick sign panel can be pin mounted and siliconed to a wall, and up or down-lighted for nighttime use. (See Smoke Shop sample above.)

Acrylic/PVC Panels – Similar to foam panels, these are simply routed out shapes of ¼” to ½” thick acrylic or PVC which can be “puzzle fit” into each other or layered on top of each other. (See Matrix sample above.)

Recessed Panels – One technique is to route “down into” a thick aluminum panel, so that the graphics are “recessed”, and then the background image is paint filled. This gives a multi-layered look using only one piece of material. 

  • Aluminum, acrylic, PVC or wood

  • Route letters out of the shape

  • Contour cut panel into a solid shape

  • Add digital or dimensional graphics

  • Add external illumination

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