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Building Signs - FOAM LETTERS

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Orange County’s Most Experienced Supplier of Foam Letter Building Signage

Economical Dimensional Foam Letters Are the Most Popular Choice for Exterior Building Signs

For exterior signs, foam letters remain the most economical and popular choice for building signage in Orange County! Usually seen from a distance, many clients prefer the thickness of the foam (1/2” to 4”) so the letters will look very substantial when installed on a building. Foam is the most cost effective when you want larger and deeper letters, and you can dress it up with acrylic faces or digital printing. Foam is widely used for address numbers, too. For exterior use, we recommend 2lb. - 15lb. foam with aluminum or acrylic faces. If you own your building, and you want the letters to last a very long time (10+ years), you might consider a denser foam, such as 15lb. If you are leasing the building, and are considering moving in a few years (5 - 10), 2lb. foam will do the job!

Foam letters can also be used for interior applications, such as lobby signs, warehouse signs, conference room signs or reception areas. In these protected areas, plain Gatorfoam is effective, as there are no outdoor elements to deteriorate the coated paper faces. (Note, Gatorfoam is NOT to be used outdoors, as the weather will destroy the foam within one year!)

Give us a call and we’ll advise you of the best height and thickness to use based on the viewing distance, location and your budget!

  • Cost Effective: the Most Depth for the Price

  • Conforms to Most Building Codes

  • Great for Exterior Building Applications

  • Wide Variety of Colors and Foam Density

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