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PVC Letters

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Long-Lasting PVC Letters, Great for All Types of Building Signage

PVC is Moveable, Paintable, Durable and Economical

For exterior signs, PVC letters are a long-lasting choice! Typically letters are router or laser cut from 1/8" to 1" thick, white PVC. Choose the thickness, depending upon the height of the letter and the visibility needed. PVC is widely used for address numbers, as it can take abuse from birds and weather, and when they get to looking tired, you can freshen them up with a coat of paint! PVC letters will outlast foam letters for many years.

Give us a call and we’ll advise you of the best thickness to use based on the letter height, viewing distance, location and your budget!

  • Dense, High Quality, Long-Lasting PVC

  • Can Be Stud Mounted, Flush Mounted

  • Professional Looking

  • Available in Standard PVC Colors or Custom Painted Colors

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