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The Benefits of Formed Plastic Letters for Your Exterior Sign


Exterior Signs Orange CountyWhich are the exterior signs Orange County office building management company representatives love to commission? Are they channel letters or lightbox cabinets? No! They are, in fact, formed plastic letters. What is it that makes this signage solution stand out for these venues?

Affordable Price

These letters are inexpensive. Yet in this case, inexpensive does not mean cheap construction and flimsy materials. Rather, the letters are durable and handle any weather conditions that your building’s façade might be exposed to. They do not fade and even come with impact resistance.

Wide Range of Uses

In addition to being excellent options for the building’s outer walls, the formed plastic letter exterior signs Orange County consumers see can also be placed indoors. Their light weight makes it possible to mount them to any type of wall. Whether you want them to be placed on an interior lobby focal wall or to the exterior wall of a historic building, the letter weight makes these markers exceedingly versatile.

Mounting Options

Formed Plastic Letter Exterior Building SignsOne and one-half inch to two-inch metal-threaded studs can be attached to the letters’ backs. This allows for easy installation if you are working with brick or wall mortar joints. If you select letters that are smaller than 24 inches in height, you may be able to selected pad mounts for rails. For additional security, mix pads and studs. For a roof installation, the 90-degree mounting bracket is an excellent alternative.

Large Selection of Style Choices

Whether you need letters that measure two inches or 48 inches tall, these markers deliver. There are 75 type styles that are supported by this signage solution. This ensures a proper rendition of your company or building name that is also in keeping with your website or letterhead display. Add to this the choice of more than 40 standard colors as well as custom paint, glossy or matte finishes and even flat or round faces, and you know that you can stand out from the crowd for sure. If you need to have a special color perfectly matched, we can help you with that, too.

Once they are professionally installed, these letters brand and market your building. They help you to be noticeable among the neighboring buildings. They can also set the mood for your venue. Whether you want to highlight the serious nature of the offices within or point to the Building Signs Orange Countymore creative businesses that have set up shop in the building, use these letters to communicate the atmosphere that is inside. To further enhance the look of your property, consider the installation of targeted landscape spotlights that illuminate your plastic letters at night. Doing so not only assists with wayfinding, but it also beautifies the exterior of the building and can become part of a plaza setup.

If the sheer wealth of options has you confused, do not worry. The expert formed plastic letter professionals at America’s Instant Signs gladly help you. We sit down with you and help you match the look that you want to create. We talk you through style and color choices as well as installation options. In short, we make the entire process easy. Call us today!


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Harvard Hearing Brands Consistently with Interior Suite and Safety Signs


Helping people hear better, the Harvard Hearing Center located in Laguna Hills in Orange County helps the young and the old. Associated with the Harvard Eye Center, this medical practice believes vision and hearing are closely connected. They put their patients first and are staffed with doctors that bring a combined 100 years of experience to the table.

Custom suite signs Orange County

This is the type of medical practice where your hearing problems are treated with cutting-edge technology and from the latest in medical and scientific research. When it came time to add suite signs, safety signs and EVAC maps for the offices, the management team contacted America’s Instant Signs.

Suite and Safety Signs

The doctors were very clear in stating that these signs had to be customized to suit a clientele with a wide variety of problems. This meant that we had to pay close attention to vibrant colors, excellent contrasts and slightly larger sizing. Since we specialize in suite signs for doctor's offices in Orange County and its surrounding areas, this would not be a problem. For example, the restroom sign features a raised figure and raised lettering as well as Braille.

Restroom signs Orange County

Individual office signs feature contrasting lettering and numbers. The testing room comes with an open/closed notation that the attending physician activates simply by sliding a window. A printed evaluation plan is limited in the number of colors that are used.

We paid close attention to the contrasts here. After all, EVAC maps for Orange County offices must be easily visible to anyone with a mere glance in the case of an emergency.

EVAC Maps Orange County

Do you need safety signs for doctor's offices? In Orange County, we have served – among others – customers whose businesses are either of immediate assistance to disabled patients or focused on young patients and their caregivers. What this wide variety of business atmospheres has shown us is that medical offices in general need specialized signage solutions that anticipate the needs of patients. We can do the same for you.

Parking Signs

Medical practice office signs Orange CountyClearly advertise your handicap parking and van-accessible spots. This helps disabled patients to feel welcomed before they even enter your office. It also ensures that no patient ever skips an appointment simply because available parking is too far away. These signs are weather-resistant and lightweight. We use aluminum for the body and then add vinyl graphics to the material.

Braille Markers

There are some signs inside your facility that must feature Braille. This is set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Yet a proactive office manager ensures that more – rather than fewer – signs meet these standards. Having ample Braille markers in place ensures that visually disabled patients easily find their way around the office.

Contrasting Colors

Doctor office signs Orange CountyWhile raised letters and symbols as well as Braille are helpful, the use of contrasting colors greatly assists those who have lost only some of their vision. Combined with non-glare finishes, these signs help with wayfinding, room designations and also evacuation plans.

If you are uncertain how you could revamp your office signage to better meet the needs of disabled patients, talk to our friendly interior suite and safety sign specialists.


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Using Different Sign Materials for Exterior Signs in Orange County


The exterior signs Orange County government buildings rely on for identification and wayfinding differ by agency as well as by setting. Some require simple instructions that guide the visitor to the reception desk while others need to point to various buildings on the same property. A municipal office located near the beach usually selects a different style of marker than an office that is located in the heart of the city.

Using Different materials for exterior signs Orange County

The trick here is to transfer the easy-to-identify logo into different signage materials to create the look that harmonizes with the surroundings. How do we make this work for government signs in Orange County?

Metal Plaques

When you think of metal plaques, you usually associate their use in a commemorative function. These types of plaques might honor previous city leaders, founder or other dignitaries.

Metal Plaque Exterior Signs Orange County

They may also outline the names of city council members since the beginning of the local government. Yet for outdoor signage, the type of metal plaque used can also be a Giclee plaque that is mounted to an aluminum surface. It displays the colorful seal of the city and beautifully highlights a metal directory or other nearby marker.

Building Signs

There is a wide variety of marker options in this category. Dimensional letters identify the government agency that takes up an entire office building. This is true of federal and county courts, city hall and similar venues.

Dimensional letter exterior signs Orange County

These letters attach directly to the façade and may be made from outdoor-rated foam that is beautified with acrylic or metal laminate facings. Other options include acrylics and PVC. Train landscape spotlights onto the markers for nightly illumination and to create an interesting appearance at night. Another building sign is the lightbox cabinet. Usually crafted from durable aluminum with a polycarbonate facing, it is lit from the inside. Imprinted vinyl may be directly attached to the facing and identify the name of the agency, display the city seal and also provider information about the address.

Specialty Signs

Sandblasted markers are a hot trend among businesses located in historic areas of the city as well as those in areas where the vibe of the locale is more whimsy.

Sandblasted exterior signs Orange County

These markers look hand carved, combine a wide variety of colors and have a three-dimensional component. They are attractive, attach directly to the façade and stand out because of the unique workmanship that goes into making these signs. In spite of the labor-intensive process, the signs are not cost-prohibitive for the government agency that is watching the bottom line.

Window Perfs

Dress up the windows of your location with the logo and name of the government office that it serves. It helps to preserve the privacy of those visiting the venue while it also brands, markets and advertises the location of the office.

Window perf for exterior signs Orange County

While the City of Newport Beach chose a Giclee metal plague combined with an aluminum marker for their exterior sign, Orange County offices in other venues can choose sandblasted signs mixed with other materials for their markers. Call our friendly exterior signage experts today for more options that might just be perfect for your office.


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SEC Invites with Interior Wall Displays in Orange County

Success Education Colleges (SEC) is located at 2101 West Garvey Avenue North in West Covina. A part of the North-West College, which was founded in 1966, SEC joined the family of schools in 2010. It is considered the holding company for the other schools, supports the campuses and is slated to be an all-around home office.

Interior wall displays for schools Orange County

Not surprisingly, the meeting rooms and other administrative facilities are of vital importance to the success of SEC and the associated schools. When it came time to put together interior wall displays for Orange County schools that would suit the atmosphere of a forward-looking organization, the management team contacted America’s Instant Signs.

Interior Wall Displays That Shine!

After talking to the professionals, we sketched, manufactured and installed several wall displays for their meeting room, which is the first treadmill room we ever helped to brand and decorate. It is used for administration meetings where attendees exercise on the treadmills while planning future activities, budgets, expansions and other school business. We started with ¼” PVC-routed mosaic tiles that were painted in accordance with the customer’s specifications. They are mounted flush to the wall.

Interior Wall Displays Orange County

Next, we added ½” PVC circles that were painted orange. Adding messages to the circles was done with ¼” clear acrylic circles that were attached to the orange circles with aluminum standoffs. The messages itself were digital prints on the back and computer-cut vinyl lettering that we applied to the front.

The messges are actually taken from the SEC’s mission statement. A quote by Mitchell Fuerst, who is the president of the organization, is placed above the display on the wall. The lettering is blue and perfectly complements the blue squares on the wall. A quote attributed to his wife is placed on an orange square in the same manner as the vinyl lettering is applied to the orange circles. The company’s actual logo, a flame, is made from metal laminate that we attached to an acrylic substrate. Backed in frosted vinyl, the logo is attached with spacers that set it off from the wall.

Interior Wall Graphics for Schools Orange County

This project is a fine example of the customization that your office can undergo with little more than a few harmonizing signage solutions. Whether you want to spruce up a cafeteria, a break room, the conference room or the lobby, adding a variety of signage elements makes the space interesting, gets your message across and inspires employees as well as those visiting your locale. Schools using this setup have the power to motivate students and faculty members alike. This kind of visual arrangement also works well during back-to-school night when many parents – sometimes for the first time – visit the classrooms and campuses that their children attend during the day.

Make Your Walls Inviting

Choosing the right tone and design elements can seem like a daunting task. It does not have to be! Talk to our experienced interior wall display experts to find out about available options and the way that we can incorporate your motto, logo and tag line.

Interior wall graphics Orange County

describe the image

Make your mission statement visible for all to see, and do not shy away from making the voice of your founder, CEO, president or principal heard with the help of quotes.


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What's the Difference Between Exterior Signs and Outdoor Signs?


You are ready to open your business but know that you need to have signage so that folks will find you. Perhaps you are in charge of an office building and have been tasked with finding the right type of marker that underscores the atmosphere of the venue. What should you choose? There are a number of exterior signs Orange County companies can rely on for this task. Usually, these markers are attached to the building itself.

Types of Exterior Signs

Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs Orange County

By far one of the most common signage solutions for Orange County businesses, these markers are constructed from sturdy aluminum. It does not rust and does not fall victim to deterioration because of the heavy sun exposure. Add colorful acrylic fronts to stand out. For even more attention, choose the lit version of these letters. We will install the light sources inside the hollow letters, which then results in colorful illumination after dark. You may also consider the installation of unlit channel letters when you are not in need of this option.

Dimensional Letters

Dimesional Letter Exterior Building Signs Orange County

These do not come with their own light sources. Rather, they add a three-dimensional effect to your building’s façade. Choose from acrylic or foam substrates and acrylic or metal laminate fronts. These letters can be stylish, sleek, super modern or artistic – it just depends on your selection of colors and materials.

Attached Lightbox Cabinet Signs

Building Lightbox Cabinet Signs Orange County

This is a favorite for schools and entertainment venues. The lightbox cabinet usually consists of an aluminum box with an interior light source. On the outside, we use a vinyl covered facing that provides information about the venue. Typically, there is the company’s name, logo, contact information and anything that is germane to the setting.

Outdoor Signs

On the other side of the equation are outdoor signs. Orange County business community members understand them to be the type of signage that is actually detached from the building. Examples are plentiful.

Monument Signs

Monument Signs Orange County

This marker should be placed near the entrance of your parking lot. It allows drivers to recognize your company’s name and logo from a good distance away. This lets them change lanes and enter your parking lot rather than accidentally driving past your venue.

Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs Orange County

These markers identify not only the name of your business and your logo or niche, but they can also assist with wayfinding on the campus of your property. For example, if you operate a school campus, a medical office complex or a warehouse store setting, you need to direct visitors to the right locations. Inform about patient drop-off areas, the way to the business office and also where to pick up ordered goods. Multiple markers with arrows make wayfinding a snap.

Detached Lightbox Cabinet Markers

Detached Lightbox Cabinet Signs Orange County

Choose this solution when you want to display your information on a pole. This is often a favorite of companies that are located near highway off-ramps and other locations where it pays to go tall in your marketing.

Talk to the experienced exterior and outdoor signage experts at America’s Instant Signs today. We gladly discuss your options and give you solid advice on the best marker options for your particular venue. 


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Bold Exterior Sign for TeleMarque in Santa Ana CA


The exterior signs Orange County consumers respond to the most are bold, noticeable and fit the location where they are installed. A good example for this rule is TeleMarque walk-in medical care. Locations have already opened in Aliso Viejo, Newport Beach and Rancho Santa Margarita. But the office that still required signage was the new Santa Ana location. This is when the clinic’s management team contacted America’s Instant Signs for assistance.

Exterior Signs Orange County

Channel Letters Work Nicely for Exterior Signs

After discussing their branding needs and looking at the logo options, we installed illuminated channel letters. There are two heights: 14 inches and 11.6 inches. The font is Arial while the lettering is done in white with bold black returns. We added a logo box that measures 14 inches by x 14 inches with a red translucent face, matching returns and a white cross on face. This is the logo that patients will be familiar with from TeleMarque’s website.

Illuminated channel letters have the advantage of being highly noticeable even in bad weather, after dark and in a crowded space where the business is in close quarters with other companies. Yet even there, you have choices. Front lit channel letters are pretty much the industry standard. The letters’ housing is made up of durable aluminum while the front features acrylic faces in the colors of your choice. Neon tubing is placed inside the hollow letters. The electrical sign is then readied for a plug. Put the sign on a timer, and it will faithfully come on whenever you want.

Building Signs That Shine

For a more ethereal look, some companies now choose halo-lit letters. Here, the construction method is reversed. The aluminum body is open in the back. We mount the signage at an offset of about two inches. The light that now shines from the back of the marker gives off an otherworldly appearance that is soft and illuminates the individual letters with a halo effect. Companies that have chosen this style of lighting usually include boutiques, upscale restaurants and specialty stores. Due to the difference in lighting, this type of sign can help you stand out considerably.

Channel Letter Signs Orange County

No matter which type of light setup you choose, you do enjoy the durable nature of aluminum. It neither rusts nor rots. Moreover, it does not fall victim to the termites that are so common in sunny Southern California. Aluminum can be painted, which allows us to adjust the look of the letters to either blend in with the color of your façade or visually stand out. When you do not think that you will need a lit sign, opt for the non-lit channel letters instead. These are favored by those in charge of office buildings. We are frequently asked to offset mount the lettering so that they create a soft shadow with just the ambient lighting in place. 

Talk to our friendly exterior signage experts today. We gladly visit your location, take some measurements and show you sketches and photos of products that might fit your venue perfectly. You are also welcome to visit our shop for examples of already made signs in the style that you prefer.


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Custom Lobby Sign, World Map and Suite Signs for OTA in Anaheim, CA!


Is there anything more important than the first impression of an educational institution? When your training involves financial education, market analysis and rules-based trading, it is vital for you to choose the right lobby and suite signs. Orange County consumers demand the best when seeking out training in Forex trading, futures and options, and the Online Trading Academy (OTA) wants folks to know that they offer the guidance that consumers need in today’s market. How excited we were when the lobby sign we created for OTA was a focal point in their grand opening video!

Professional Lobby Sign Boosts Their Image

To help their lobby reflect this attitude, the Online Trading Academy contacted America’s Instant Signs. For the focal wall of the reception area, we designed a multi-faceted marker that does justice to the company’s branding needs. The upper portion of the company’s name is made of eight-inch-tall letters. The letters right underneath are made of the same material, but it is sized to 6.75 inches in height. We used ¼-inch flat-cut stainless steel that we then routed and brushed.

School Lobby Signs Orange County

The tagline underneath is displayed in 2.7-inch tall letters that are applied directly to the wall. We did not use standoffs to create a unique look that makes the metal appear to organically be a part of the polished wall.

Adding the World Map

After discussing the branding a bit more with the company’s management team, we created a world map for an adjacent wall. It is positioned next to the Online Trading Academy’s logo. Manufactured from ¼-inch flat-cut aluminum that we routed to resemble the world map shapes, we used threaded mounts to attach the material to the drywall. The crisp lines are the result of water jet-cutting.

World map lobby signs Orange County

World map lobby signs for Orange County businesses are a strategic means of representing the global reach and appeal of their efforts.

Matching Suite Signs

Since this level of careful branding also calls for customized office signs, we created custom acrylic and wooden suite signs that display the wood paneling, feature the color of the lobby marker and feature the logo in an innovative way.

Suite signs Orange County

Can we mimic this level of specialization and customization for your reception area signage? Orange County business community members know that we work with our customers to discover exactly the right approach to take during the design phase of the sign order.

  • Current artwork. We gladly work with your already existing artwork. This is particularly crucial during a re-branding effort, when you want to keep the look and feel of your signage close to the original but nevertheless want to touch it up a bit to stay in step with current tastes.
  • Site evaluation. A site evaluation is a crucial key for creating the right type of signage. Only when we see what your customers or clients see, do we know whether we need to go big, small or stay somewhere in between. In addition, by getting a good feel for your location, we also succeed at complementing your current foyer’s design scheme with the custom lobby sign.
  • Signage customization. A reception area sign is usually only the starting point for the companies that we work with. Frequently, as is the case with the Online Trading Company, this marker is the focal point. The other signs for this school support the branding effort and underscore the mood that the foyer is trying to create.

No matter your industry, we always offer free consultations to help your lobbies, reception areas, conference room and suite signs shine with professionalism and flair!


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Sea Air FCU Cashing in with Exterior Sign in Orange County!


Located at 11210 Lexington Avenue in Los Alamitos, this branch of the Sea Air Federal Credit Union is just as committed to the group’s vision as the other locations: serve civilian and military personnel of the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station with excellent financial services that are reasonably priced. This includes low-cost loans and credit card accounts. When it came time to add a building marker that would identify the Los Alamitos location, the group’s management team contacted America’s Instant Signs.

Non illuminated outdoor building signs Orange County

There is a lot more detail work than meets the eye when considering outdoor signs. Orange County weather can wreak havoc with the materials. The proximity to the ocean results in a constant barrage of sand particles. The sunshine, which has made Los Alamitos and its surrounding cities so famous, also takes a toll on the signage. These are a few of the reasons why we work with materials that withstand anything the weather might throw at them. For the Sea Air FCU, we installed a non-illuminated channel letter sign that is crafted from durable aluminum. The blue paint, which accentuates the dark brown trim work of the facility, is formulated to resist fading and cracking.

This is the type of sign that is going to look pristine for years to come. We can do the same for your business as well.

Outdoor building signs Orange County

  • Aluminum. Lightweight and durable, aluminum does not rust and will not fall victim to insect damage. Since it is so light, we can attach even larger signs to a building’s façade without causing problems with shingles, sheetrock and other design elements.
  • Paint. We choose a paint that adheres well and does not bubble even in direct sunlight. We treat the dry paint with a finish to further protect against fading caused by ultraviolet rays. This technique allows us to use bright and bold colors that remain bright and bold even after months of sun exposure.
  • Typeface. We adjust the look of the lettering to be in harmony with the typeface you use on your website. This creates an instant sense of familiarity among visitors who have checked out your business online. This kind of name recognition is vital in today’s technology-driven society.
  • Illumination. There is no reason to add lights if your business keeps daylight hours. Since Orange County offers plenty of sunlight, illumination is usually reserved for companies that set up their businesses to be open before or after sunrise. Yet even if you want to add illumination just as a means of making your location stand out in the daytime, we can assist with cost-effective lighting options that meet your needs.

Do not let the wealth of options frustrate you. Talk to our knowledgeable channel letter sign experts to explore what the right look for your business location might be. We gladly visit you for a site evaluation, take some measurements and then talk through your options with the look and feel of your neighborhood and business niche in mind. At that time, we can also answer any question that you may have about size, lighting options, paint choices and the possible combination with lightbox cabinet signs for logo displays.


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The Ortega Cottages Shines with New Outdoor Signs in Orange County


Outdoor building signs Orange CountyOutdoor signs Orange County property management companies rely on not only assist with wayfinding and branding, but they also underscore the look and feel of a well-maintained property. Cases in point are the Ortega Cottages, which are managed by Voit. This property management company is known for its speedy maintenance program implementations, and the Ortega Cottages were no exception. When it came time to add markers, the company contacted America’s Instant Signs.

The images here allow you to follow this project from beginning to end!

New Outdoor Signage that Shines!

We visited the Ortega Cottages for a site evaluation and to take some measurements. Once there, we noticed that the existing signage was tired, old and worn out. So, we manufactured and installed a new main sign as well as directional and parking markers. These post and panel signs are made of 1/8” aluminum with square posts, finials and decorative bases. In the process, we removed the old signs, took out the old footings, set the posts, added a concrete footing, attached the faces and finials, and disposed of the old signs.

Post and panel property management signs Orange County

The old post and panel signage

The property now has attractive new outdoor signs. Orange County neighbors and visitors to the location appreciate the way that these markers blend in with the colors of the location. The post and panel signs feature a tasteful brown color with beige typeset. The parking markers are a bit lighter and clearly highlight the parking area that is allocated for residents and visitors. Cottage numbers are also easy to read. Directional arrows make wayfinding easy.

Need Exterior Signs in the OC?

The new outdoor sign!

What a difference a new outdoor sign makes!

Is your property in need of a signage upgrade? Our friendly outdoor sign experts specialize in the setup of entire signage collections that include monument signs, post and panel markers as well as secondary wayfinding aides. Working with the color scheme that you have chosen for your property, we create markers that stand out even as they blend in with the look and feel of the location. The result is an attractive setup that is modern, eye-catching and clean-looking. Some management companies have found that a signage upgrade – along with a new paint job – can completely transform the atmosphere of a property.

Modernize an Aging Property

Parking lot signs Orange County

Their old parking lot sign is drab!

A large number of residential and vacation properties in Orange County were built in the late 1970s and early 1980s. At that time, there was a distinct color scheme that would (then) identify the property as being a modern locale for discerning consumers. Now, this color scheme seems outdated. When upgrading a property from that era, adding new signs underscores the use of a new modern color palette.

Reduce Visitor Frustration

Custom parking lot signs Orange County

Easy to read and attractive parking lot signs!

It is easy to get frustrated when looking for the right suite or apartment in a sprawling complex. Although most doors will feature numbers, it is advisable to help visitors early on to locate the right wing or building. The use of post and panel markers with suite number ranges facilitates this assistance.

Directional parking lot signs

We also added matching directional parking lot signage!

Ensure Safety

Parking disputes have a tendency to get heated. Amenities usually have safety rules. Use signs to highlight the proper allocation of parking spots to residents, visitors and nearby businesses. Moreover, post rules for amenities that govern not only the proper facility use but also limit hours of operation.


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A closeup look at the installation...

Preparing the ground for post and panel signs Orange County

Prepping for the new signs!

Installing post and panel signs Orange County

Installation was a breeze!

Property management outdoor signs Orange County

Bright, crisp and new outdoor signs!

Old sign disposal services Orange County

And, we even haul away your old outdoor signs!

The Benefits of Metal Letters for Exterior Signs in Orange County


Do you know what can be tough on Southern California’s exterior signs? Orange County weather! Famous for its hot sunny days – in winter or summer – this is one venue where fading and discoloration can cause problems for businesses that want to invest in the right signage to look sleek, elegant and keep customers coming back. Case in point is a recent group of businesses that have set up shop in a lovely bungalow-style building. Sun exposure to the façade is extreme. Yet the businesses, which specialize in OC Waxing, Spray Tanning and Orthodontics, called America’s Instant Signs.

Exterior building Signs Orange County

We devised a marker setup that not only brands the businesses but also imbues the building with a good bit of personality in the process. We installed a set of 3/8"-thick flat-cut aluminum letters that we then painted brown. The result is a sign coloration that matches the beautiful tile roofing. For the detail work that was required for the logo, we used a white vinyl overlay. Installation was a snap with stud mounts featuring 1/2" spacers. The signage is installed directly to the building’s exterior stucco facade at a height of about 12 feet.

Would you be able to tell that we did these various logos at different times? The answer is a resounding “no.” This is indicative of the benefits associated with the material. Aluminum is classy, can be worked into a marker that is cheaper than an illuminated channel letter sign, requires little maintenance, is protected from rust, is simple to paint in virtually any hue and easily withstands the Southern California sunshine. As a result, this signage will retain its good looks for a very long time – long after other materials have faded or become damaged due to the constant sun exposure.

Exterior metal letter building signs Orange County

If you want the exterior signs Orange County business community members have come to trust, contact our friendly signage consultants. We work with you to discover your marker needs for your business’ setup.

Site Evaluation

We gladly visit your place of business. This helps us when we make suggestions for material choices, letter heights and display options. While in some situations a channel letter sign is the perfect marker, in other instances – as is the case with this group of businesses – aluminum is a better choice. The same is true for post and panel markers or lightbox cabinet signs. Until we see the property, it is very hard for us to make a good recommendation.

Available Artwork

Orange county exterior building signsSometimes, our customers already have artwork that they want us to incorporate into the sign. At other times, customers want a bit of advice in this area and need help to put together the look that eventually represents them. They have a vision of what a finished sign could look like but very little in the way of tangible examples and downloadable artwork. No problem! Our signage makers listen intently to your descriptions and are certain to capture your vision in one or more of our proofs.

Color Options

In some cases, lighter is better. Then again, when your façade is made up of a charcoal gray color, it is better to go darker with a brown tone that is friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Bright colors, too, have their places in this mix. It depends on the atmosphere that you are trying to create. Much of what goes up on the outside depends directly on the color choices and ambiance of the inside.

Confused? Don’t be! Call us for help with your next exterior Orange County signs.


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