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5 Ways to Use Interior Vinyl Graphics in Orange County


More and more Orange County business owners look to interior vinyl graphics as a signage solution. And why not? Inexpensive, visually appealing and uniquely suited to fit right into the branding message of any business, these graphics are appropriate for a wide variety of functions. Five possible uses stand out.

1. Wayfinding

Vinyl Graphic Wayfinding Signs

Help customers or clients to navigate your company’s store or office with ease. When attached to columns – as you might see in warehouse stores or highly modern office buildings – simple graphics alert to the presence of public restrooms. The use of a plain graphic depicting the universally recognizable figure of a man or woman in front of a set of doors points the way.

2. As a Lobby Sign

Vinyl Graphics for a lobby sign

Turn the focal wall of your office’s foyer into a piece of art. At the same time, allow it to brand and market your business. Whether you incorporate the lobby sign into the artwork or have it installed as a stand-alone wall decoration, you are certain to catch the eyes of visitors to your venue. Due to the unusual nature of this display type, your company is sure to stand out.

3. Suite Signs

Vinyl Graphic Suite Signs

Office building management companies have discovered that there is no need to invest in a large quantity of more expensive suite signs. This is particularly true for buildings where tenants may include start-up businesses that may not make it past the first or second year. When these companies move out, it is easy to simply change out the mural that identifies the company’s name. The suite number remains the same. This cuts down on expenses and also maintains the attractive look of the office building.

4. Restroom Signs

Vinyl Graphics on Acrylic Restroom Signs

As previously noted, vinyl graphics do a great job at pointing to the location of the bathrooms. If you are in charge of a preschool, kindergarten or elementary school, these types of graphics can also serve as a reminder for children to wash hands after using the lavatory. In this manner, the mural combines the wayfinding function with the bathroom location pointer as well as a message about personal hygiene.

5. Department Signs

Vinyl Graphics for Departmental Signs

Separate the various departments that are set up on your company’s property. Car dealerships in particular have had excellent success with this strategy. When little more than glass doors separate the finance office from the showroom or the service department, it makes sense to use vinyl graphics as wayfinding tools and also labeling mechanisms.

At America’s Instant Signs, we get a wide variety of requests for interior vinyl graphics and wall graphics from Orange County members of the business community. All types of companies now request these products for the aforementioned reasons. But, of course, there are also additional functions that they can fulfill. For example, did you know that the depiction of a full-wall mural scenic shot pertaining to your niche is a very powerful atmosphere creator?

A lawfirm that devotes a full wall to an empty courtroom photo succeeds at communicating with potential clients as well as peers. In a restaurant, the mural takes on the role of bringing a different country’s atmosphere into the dining room. Possibilities are truly endless. Call us today for more information and to get your order started.


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Are Your Trade Show Displays Ready for the 2015 Expo Season?


Trade Show Displays Orange CountyAttending trade shows is a necessity for the serious business owner. Retail Minded explains that this is the perfect venue to find out about your closest niche competitors, what they are doing and how they are going about it. In addition, it is the just the thing when you want to rub elbows with the press, which can give your company added exposure, and introduce you to business clients or consumers in search of your specific products or services.

Trade Show Displays for the 2015 Expo Season

But this is not the time to show up with a tired, outdated setup. Trade show displays for the 2015 expo season in Orange County are vastly different from the looks that were popular a few short years ago. If you have not recently updated your look, it is time to visit the professionals at America’s Instant Signs. If you have already updated your look but need additional signage for the upcoming trade show season, we can help you there, too.

Banners Grab Eyes

Did you know that you can turn retractable banner stands into a unified backdrop? Add four banners that alternate the messages so that the eye takes in the full effect of your marketing as well as your branding. In the alternative, you might add a ceiling-mounted three-sided Trade show retractable banner stands Orange Countybanner that identifies the location of your booth by company name. It signals to attendees and to the press across the room that this is where you might be found. Assuming that you have issued a few press releases well ahead of the expo, this signage will capitalize on the buzz that you have already started.

Free-Standing Signs

Cut-outs in particular are very popular with exhibitors in 2015. This is a great setup to introduce a new product in larger than life sizing. Vibrant colors show off your goods and combine the information with your branding. Free-standing signs are ideal for interior setups but also do very well on the outside. If you have the opportunity to do an indoor/outdoor Trade show displays for the 2015 expo season Orange Countydisplay, this is an excellent signage solution for generating attention from both sides of the hall.

Easel Signs Inform

The versatility of easel signs is tough to beat. These are the types of trade show graphics for Orange County that fit neatly into a completed booth setup. Use large easels to display posters and other changeable signage that highlights information sessions, hands-on demonstrations and product pairings. Table-top easels are whimsical display options for brochures and pamphlets. When you keep the designs similar, you might even combine large and small table-top easels for a harmonious look.

Let’s Get Started!

If this sounds complicated, do not worry. Our friendly professionals are ready to help you. Call us today to discuss your vision for the next expo, your marketing plan for a new product or service, and also the booth setup that you have already chosen. We can help you integrate new components or assist you with a complete booth refurbishing. When you are not certain how to arrange the various components of your setup, let us show you some plans and ideas that might make a difference for your display.


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5 Orange County Signs You Need Now!


There are five Orange County signs that no business can do without. While it is possible to work with sizing, design and style, these markers are crucial for the company that wants to draw attention and ensure that it gets plenty of notice from motorists and passersby. It does not matter if you are a retailer, a service provider or any other type of business owner. Skimping on any of these markers spells trouble.

1. Monument Signs

5 Orange County Signs You Need Now

Whether you choose concrete or foam, the monument sign is the beacon that signals motorists to enter your company’s parking lot. If you are situated in an office park, a retail strip mall or operate a company with a stand-alone property, this sign is a must-have. Help drivers to safely change lanes before approaching your property. Assist them to also locate you much easier when there are other companies that are also vying for their business. Foam monuments are durable and budget-friendly. Concrete is slowly falling out of favor, but still a viable option.

2. Building Signs

Outdoor Signs Orange County

Opt for a channel letter marker, a lightbox cabinet or dimensional lettering. No matter which option you prefer, you cannot do without a sign that identifies the name of your company on your building’s façade. It is a primary wayfinding tool for consumers and also generates name recognition in those just walking or driving past your location. Channel letter signs are a favorite of many retailers because they can be lit or unlit. Service providers generally – but not always – like lightbox cabinets or dimensional letters.

3. Window Graphics

Window graphics Orange County

Seasonal marketing is virtually impossible without window graphics. These Orange County signs grab the eye, they put shoppers in the mood to buy and they effectively advertise your deep discounts, newest services or desirable products. Whether you want to go as big as the size of your windows or stay small is completely up to you. The colors may bespeak the season or repeat your company’s logo and lettering colors.

4. Posters

Posters for Orange County

On the inside of the venue, posters do a lot of marketing. They act as promotional tools for the company that wants to connect its brand with the well-known brand of national manufacturers. In addition, they can bring splashes of color to otherwise mono-chromatic backgrounds.

5. Banners

Banner Stands Orange County

The retractable banner stand is now becoming a ubiquitous marketing tool. It provides a vertical display area that service providers use to educate clients about services, special offers and products. For the retailer, these banners make excellent point of sale signs. In a mixed setting, such as a car dealership with attached service department, the banner provides pricing information as well as financing details.

While there are still quite a few other Orange County signs that no member of the business community can really do without, these are by far the most important ones. Talk to the friendly signage experts at America’s Instant Signs for more information and also to get additional suggestions for available markers from which your particular business could derive a great benefit.


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Metal Letters a Fantastic Material for Exterior Signs In Orange County


Metal Letter Exterior Signs Orange CountyThere are plenty of acrylic exterior signs Orange County business owners have chosen to display on their facades. And why not? These letters look sleek, chic and last for a long time. But there is now a new trend that is developing in the OC. More and more metal letters are visible on facades of office buildings and other businesses. Why is this trend gaining more traction? More importantly, is this something that could be ideal for your business?

Versatility in Design and Sizing

Metal is not a one-trick pony. Instead, it is the type of material that looks great at one inch tall, 10 inches tall or 100 inches tall. Stainless steel is a customer favorite. It is modern, durable and has uncompromisingly good looks. But why stop there? Anodized gold aluminum is classy, chic and excellent for companies in the financial or legal sectors. Bronze, too, can make a great impression when placed on an old building that has a long history.

Display Options Abound

Exterior metal letter building signs Orange CountyMonument signs are ideal for metal letters. When combined with the faux brick appearance of a foam monument marker, this look creates an old-fashioned or rustic appeal. Depending on your company’s branding, this might be right up your alley. When you place stainless steel onto your façade, you bespeak a forward-looking enterprise that is not just on the cutting edge but frequently a trend setter within the niche.

Flat or Cast Metal?

Select flat-cut metal when you like a crisp appearance. Laser-cut aluminum, copper or bronze accentuates the lines found on the exterior of your building. For a modern building that features plenty of chrome and glass, this is a great fit. Cast aluminum, on the other hand, offers you the option of selecting flat or prismatic profiles. The prismatic look adds a level of depth that commands attention and grabs the eye.

Combine this setup with a project mount for best results. If you like to have your aluminum painted, you have the choice of 45 standard colors or customized hues. When only cast bronze will do, opt for a flush mount and a prismatic or flat profile. Oxidized bronze looks great Exterior Metal Letter Signs Orange Countyon a weathered façade. A natural bronze finish beautifully complements a façade that displays its colors well.

Getting Started on Your Exterior Sign

At America’s Instant Signs, we know that making the right choice for your company can seem like a big decision. Let us help you! Our technicians look forward to discussing the metal letter exterior signs Orange County businesses are now selecting in larger numbers. We show you the permanency of the look and let you see up close the flat cut letters or cast samples. At our workshop, we also keep numerous material samples that help you to envision letters made from aluminum, stainless steel or copper on your building.

When you call us today, we gladly come out to your location for a site evaluation. This allows us to take in the surrounding area and discover what the signage of choice is for these businesses. Doing so lets us to put together a look that helps you to differentiate yourself from them – even as you are still maintaining a look that harmonizes with other buildings in the area.


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Can I Save Money with LED Channel Letter Signs vs. Neon Signs?


LED vs. neon channel letter signs Orange CountyWe’ll come right out and say it: We have the answer to the debate over LED-lit channel letter signs vs. neon signs. Orange County members of the business community have begun to realize that LEDs are cheaper, last longer and require fewer service calls than their neon cousins. Why is yesterday’s workhorse of the signage industry falling into disfavor?

Neon vs. LED Channel Letter Signs for Orange County

Needs too Much Electricity

It is expensive to operate a neon sign. LEDs are far more energy-efficient and therefore provide you excellent illumination at a far cheaper rate. Having a lower electricity bill is something that all business owners appreciate.

Handle with Care

Neon lights are extremely fragile. They frequently get knocked out by vibrations or careless handling. LEDs are hardy. They can be handled roughly, transported over multiple potholes and remain intact even during times when the sign might be vibrating just a bit too much.

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Orange CountyNeon May Harm You

When you work on a neon light, you are dealing with 4,000 to 15,000 volts of AC current. If you are a do-it-yourselfer who first checks out a signage problem before calling us, there is a possibility that you might get electrocuted. LEDs run on 12 volts of DC. This is a safe current to work with.

A Warm Glow Makes Light-Colored Signs Look Faded

LEDs are focused illumination sources. They makes your reds stand out and ensure that your yellows do not look faded. Neon lights cast an all around light that onlookers frequently describe as a warm glow. But this same glow makes your yellow sign look faded, which transports your marker back in time to the 1970s. Who wants to travel back in time when “cutting edge” and “modern” are the buzzwords of today?

Channel Letter Signs Orange CountyLED-lit channel letter signs vs. neon signs: Orange County business owners have to make a choice. Should you stick with a workhorse that has been around for a long time but also has had a number of problems in the past? Or should you upgrade to the much more reliable and inexpensive LEDs? It is a bit like asking whether the chalk-drawn tablets attached to 1940s trucks are better than the whole-vehicle vinyl wraps that modern marketers use today to grab the eye and generate interest in a company or product.

Everyone agrees that today’s wraps are far more exciting and effective. Well, the same is true for the neon lights. They were yesterday’s solutions for illuminated signage. Today, it is the LEDs’ turn. Are you on the cutting edge of marketing? If you are not sure, talk to the channel letter signage experts at America’s Instant Signs. We are happy to come out for a site evaluation.

We can look at your currently existing signage and tell you whether you are working with neon or LEDs, what your financial savings might be when you switch – remember: fewer service call and a lower electricity bill – and what this new lighting technology can do for your signage. Call us today for all this information and more!


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Custom Edge Lit Donor Window Displays for The Innovation Institute in Orange County


Custom edge lit donor window displays Orange CountyLocated at 620 Newport Center Drive in Newport Beach, The Innovation Institute is a non-profit health system conglomerate that is made up of member owners. The goal is to apply innovative thinking to health care, which in turn helps to keep rising costs at bay. The current trend of ignoring the costs of health care is not considered sustainable in the long term by the members. When The Innovation Institute needed glass panel donor displays, Orange County’s America’s Instant Signs got the call.

Creating the Donor Display

After extensive discussions with the management team, we devised a branding display that not only looked great but was perfectly in line with the organization’s vision and mission. We manufactured 12 clear glass panes with accompanying horizontal aluminum rails for support. Stainless steel “beauty plate” effectively covered the rails. Due to the mounting techniques used, these panes now give the optical illusion of floating right over the blue glass panels that were already there. One of the 12 panels features a sandblasted Innovation Institute logo. Edge lighting ensures attractive illumination. The remaining 11 panels are set up for future donor recognitions.

The Convenience of Edge Lit Donor Panels

Edge Lit Donor Panel Window Displays Orange County

Was it difficult to create edge lit donor displays? Orange County businesses and schools frequently like the idea of having seemingly stand-alone signage components that nevertheless light up. Wiring has to be almost invisible unless you know exactly what you are looking for. This is the case in this setting as well. When you look very closely, you will notice that the electrical wires are actually coming from the right and are secured to the panel edges. The plug-in is located behind a tile column. We ensured that it would be easy to remove the panels to allow us to add the etching when appropriate.

Etched glass window graphics Orange County

The resulting display is sleek, modern and aesthetically pleasing in the space. It is ideally suited for the Innovation Institute. If you are running a charity, an organization or a business that heavily relies on donations to help others, why not recognize your helpers with etched glass panel donor displays? For Orange County venues, this could involve a sincere thank-you to the community at large, to certain city officials or to private donors who are making your work possible with the help of financial contributions or volunteers.

Glass Window Panel Donor Displays Orange County

Etched glass has a modern look and feel, which makes donors realize that you are here to stay and have a solid outlook on the future. Rather than being one of the organizations that was here yesterday but might not make it into the New Year, you have a vision for meeting a need that is going to be around for a long time to come. The uses of glass, metal and discreet illumination are hallmarks of this mindset. If you do not like the idea of window panes, why not include ceiling-mounted donor plaques or panes? Wall displays are also attractive and look great.

We Can Help!

When you talk to our skilled donor display experts, we can discuss your vision for the finished display and visit for a site evaluation. Then, we measure the space and give you feedback on sizing options and material choices. Who knew that getting started on your very own display could be so simple?


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Let Us Help Design Your Sandblasted Monument Sign!


Sandblasted Monument Signs Orange CountyThe latest trend in monument markers is the installation of chic sandblasted signs where previously the brick and mortar marker reigned supreme. Orange County businesses are discovering that this is a signage solution that adds plenty of curb appeal to any setting. At the same time, it brands and advertises. This, in turn, heightens the interest in the company and its products. With this type of win-win possible, what do you need to know about these markers today that could make a difference in your company’s look tomorrow?

Why Add Sandblasted Monument Signs to a Property in the First Place?

In addition to their rugged good looks, there are other considerations in play here.

Large Marketing Audience

When you place one of these sandblasted signs on your property, you market to men, women and children of all walks of life. The millionaire in the limo and the average consumer using public transportation or a private car will see your sign. You alert all passersby to the location of your business. At the same time, you advertise to all types of demographics.

Inexpensive Means of Getting Your Message Across

Exterior sandblasted signs Orange CountyDesigned for durability and longevity, these signs may not be mobile but nevertheless command attention. You get plenty of daily impressions by heightening the visual appeal of your store’s property.

Brand and Market

Advertise your business while also branding your products. Come across as an innovative force in the business community or an old-fashioned establishment where craftsmanship is a major part of the appeal.

Going the Sandblasted Route

Why do companies look for sandblasted monument sign design services? Orange County’s business community has come to realize that when a traditional or rustic look is required, bricks or even some faux-stone foam structures simply cannot compare to the look and feel of the sandblasted medium. This is where our specialists have worked with numerous companies to come up with highly attractive looks.

Material Choices

Redwood, cedar and high density urethane foam (HDU) are the materials that we usually work with. The lumber is famous for is durability and its beautiful texture. The HDU neither cracks nor splits during the manufacture of the markers.


Exterior sandblasted signs Orange CountyIf you already have some artwork on hand that you would like us to use, we will gladly to do. Conversely, our experts gladly sit down with you and design the look and feel of the monument sign from the ground up. In some cases, we can also help you to slightly alter an existing logo or design so that it looks stunning on the finished product.

Display Options

Do you want a one-sided or two-sided monument sign? If you are located at a busy thoroughfare, a two-sided marker gives you additional advertising opportunities. Select your colors with your logo and website branding in mind. The clear coat that we add for protection keeps the colors from fading.

Who knew that adding this type of sign to your Orange County business’ property could be this simple? Call us today to get started on your order!


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Need Fast Holiday Banners in Orange County?


Fast Holiday Banners Orange CountyDo you need some fast holiday banners? Orange County businesses are getting ready for the winter holiday shopping season. Already, most folks have put together their marketing signage and begun rotating banners, posters and in-store displays. But there are times when even the best-prepared retailer needs to change course in mid-stream. A shipment of the highly desired toy has been delayed. Perhaps you were able to secure a large shipment of a popular gaming console that you did not think would arrive in time for the holiday sales.

We Can Help with Fast Holiday Banners!

Whatever the case may be, America’s Instant Signs is your trusted source for the fast holiday banners Orange County retailers need today – or preferably yesterday. How do we do it?

Large inventory of raw materials - Our supply shelves are stocked with vinyl, canvas and fabric materials. When you want a vinyl banner for an outdoor display or a pole banner for a special occasion, we have the right materials on hand to fill your order.
High-tech print equipment. Since we can print our banners in-house, we eliminate the need for you to wait for a third party to complete the work. It is done efficiently, attractively and with speed in mind.

Fast Seasonal Banners Orange CountyProfessional expertise - Since our banner specialists have been in the signage business for a long time, they know what types of banners are best for trade shows, the retail environment or among charities. We can easily help you put together a display that is ideal for the season and your company.

More Seasonal Banner Solutions!

There are copious ways to add holiday banners to your retail or service establishment – even if it is late in the holiday shopping season! Examples of their usage abound.

Vinyl banners - Advertise last-minute product shipments with vinyl banners. Consumers are conditioned to look at this type of marker, which usually displays the latest deals and desirable products for the holiday season. This is how you could advertise that the toy, which every other retailer has sold out of, is still on your shelves!

Retractable banner stands - These markers are so versatile that they are at home in the retail setting as much as on the trade show floor. Use them in your store as point-of-sale markers or simply to alert consumers to ideal product pairings. Place them near registers or Fast holiday pole banners Orange Countythe products that they reference. For the service provider, these banners educate clients about seasonal services and products that could be of great value. An end-of-the-year financial review helps investors to plan their strategies for the coming year. A seasonal health warning helps patients to decide on getting a flu shot or undergoing specialized treatments. Possibilities are endless.

Pole banners - Use pole banners during one or more of the many community events that take place during the holiday season. There are tree-lighting ceremonies, volunteer outreach programs and other opportunities for your group, organization or business to make its presence known.

When you need some help to put together your banner display, talk to our specialists. We help you decide on the backdrop colors, the print options and the proper sizing for your desired venue. Moreover, we help you to pick out the right material for your needs. Finally, we will speedily manufacture your banners.


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Mann Mortgage Lights Up Strip Mall with Channel Letter Sign


Do you ever wonder what a front-lit channel letter sign – installed on an attractive raceway – could do for your company? Well, take a look at Mann Mortgage. Located at 1818 North Placentia Avenue, this mortgage banker specializes in a wide variety of financial products. Whether consumers need a jumbo, FHA, VA or reverse mortgage, Mann Mortgage can help. When it came time to add one of the mortgage company exterior signs Orange County professionals rely on, the management team contacted America’s Instant Signs.

Channel Letter Signs Pop!

Strip mall channel letter signs Orange County

When consulting with the team, we were instructed to take our cue from the look of the mortgage banker’s website. Green lettering stands out. When consumers do their shopping online first, this is the color that greets them. It only makes sense to continue this color scheme for the exterior building sign. The front-lit appearance allows the letters to light up and act as beacons during cloudy weather, on the rare occasion of rain or simply to draw attention to the location. Situated at the end of a strip mall setup, this is a crucial aspect of marketing. The raceway mount helps the letters to further stand out.

Are you still thinking of adding mortgage company illuminated channel letter signs? Orange County storefront offices cannot properly brand and market without them.

Draw Attention

The majority of office storefronts are located either in strip malls or in office parks. Both settings frequently feature competition from other companies that may be in a similar line of business. In business parks, there is the added challenge of attracting attention when only one or two businesses actually face the street. This is where the right channel letter setup makes a huge difference.

Brand the Business

As noted by the SEJ, some 88.1 percent of American Internet users chose to research products online. Related statistics reveal that 39 percent of the consumers a business welcomes are there because of these searches. As a result, it is highly likely that Mann Mortgage customers pick up the phone or visit the office after such a search. For this reason, it is imperative that the building’s signage continues the branding that the company does online on its website. This familiarity is a key element and continues the conversation between business and consumer that was begun online. With channel letters – or a lightbox cabinet sign – this is possible for any business.

Getting started on your order is just as easy. Call our friendly channel letter experts to discuss your signage needs. We visit you for a site survey and take measurements of the façade. This is also the time that we ask you for any artwork that you may already have on file. We can work with what you have or help you develop a whole new look. While channel letters are the most commonly requested signs, it is also possible to go for a lightbox cabinet marker or dimensional letters. By the way, if you would like channel letters and a logo display, we would manufacture the logo with the help of a carefully shaped lightbox. After handling the permitting and manufacture, we install the sign.

Yes, it is really that easy.


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Plastic Surgeon Gets a "Face-Lift" with Channel Letter Sign in Orange County


Doctor Siamak Agha is one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in his field. His expertise is well-known in Southern California and nationwide. When he set up his clinic in Corona Del Mar, he needed the right channel letter signs for plastic surgeons in Orange County. These signs have to be sleek, modern and underscore the avant-garde nature of the physician’s problem-solving skills. This is when America’s Instant Signs got the call.

Illuminated channel letter signs Orange County

Creating the Illuminated Channel Letter Sign

We evaluated the upscale office setting and looked over the graphics the surgeon’s office already had. After discussing the options available, we manufactured illuminated channel letters that are installed to a raceway near the clinic’s roofline. These channel letters spell out the niche. Right underneath, we added a lightbox cabinet that identifies the venue and the doctor. To the left, another cabinet sign displays the logo. This signage combination is an eye-grabber and attracts plenty of attention. It also acts as a wayfinding beacon for anyone in search of the office.

Channel Letter Signs for Medical Centers Orange County

Do you still need exterior signs for plastic surgeons? In Orange County, these markers must exceed the expectations of consumers. Potential patients will be intrigued with the physician who chooses an unusual signage setup as opposed to a standard sign. When you take a page from the playbook of Dr. Agha’s medical spa, you will notice that the combination of channel letters and cabinets is indeed extraordinary. When you are thinking of adding signage to your clinic or venue, we can help you find just the right combination.

Cabinets and Message Boards

Cabinets can feature built-in message boards. Whether you choose the ones that allow you to change vinyl letters by hand or you select the ones that you change remotely with software, this marker combination is sure to stand out.

Monument Markers and Cabinets

It is easy to add a cabinet to a monument sign. We offer multiple placement options, which lets you select the one that is just right for your setting.

Channel letters and Cabinets

This is the most familiar combination that you find in and around Orange County. It allows for the display of a logo as well as for the addition of attractive writing.

Dimensional Letters and Cabinets

Office building management companies in general favor the use of dimensional letters. They are sophisticated and once again favorably combine the display of a logo with the display of a name.

There are, of course, other options as well. We have had excellent success with physicians who incorporated their signage into a wall mural. While this is frequently considered to be an attractive signage option for a lobby marker, it is possible to continue on the artwork outside and have it envelop part of the façade. While it is true that not every building’s front is perfectly suited for this setup, there are some that will do spectacularly well with the mural. Go ahead and call our friendly exterior signage professionals today for more information on how we can transform your building’s façade into a marketing and branding powerhouse.


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