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No-Fly-Away Outdoor Pole Banner Signs for Orange County


No fly away vinyl pole banners Orange CountyDo you ever wish that you could put the light fixture poles in your parking lot to a good use – other than just holding the light fixtures? Are you looking for an attention-getting marketing tool that engages consumers as they are driving toward your store or office building? The product that you have been looking for is no-fly-away pole banner signage.

Understanding the Technology

Traditional flags and perpendicular banners work great when there is some wind. As they happily flap in the breeze, they display your company’s chosen colors and the message that you had imprinted onto the material. Unfortunately, the ocean breeze is a bit fickle in Orange County. Even if your business is close to the water, you cannot always count on the wind. In the absence of the wind, your markers hang limp and are not getting attention at all.

Now there is a new product! These innovative outdoor banner signs for Orange County businesses make you independent of the wind. An aluminum banner panel stands at attention no matter what weather patterns you might be experiencing. Since this material is supremely durable, there is no ripping, tearing or fraying. Better yet, the technicians at America’s Instant Signs can cut the aluminum banner into any shape that you would like. Go for a traditional flag shape or stick with an oblong pattern for easy reading.

Double sided vinyl pole banners Orange CountyMaking the Banner Signs Work for Your Business

  • Choose a message. Use these banners for marketing or as directional assistance for consumers. Include your company’s name, logo and preferred business colors.
  • Mount to a post. Whether you want to hang them from the parking lot light or the street light poles, the mounting brackets make it easy to hang these vertical aluminum signs.
  • Communicate with consumers. Let folks know about the specialty products or services that you offer. Invite customers to your year-long anniversary celebration. Use the signage as a means of holiday-themed advertising. Point visitors into the right direction for parking, pick-up and the building’s entrance.

Getting Started with the New Signage Today

Images of pole banners for Orange CountyThe advantages of this technology are clear. You are no longer dependent on the wind to move your attention-getting banners for best results. In fact, we can even shape the aluminum or paint it in such a manner as to suggest the wind movement. Since the message is always displayed to the fullest, there is no need to hang quite as many banners as you would with those that are sometimes uncurled and sometimes hang limp. This cuts down on your overall signage costs.

When you contact us today with your intended message, have any desired artwork ready to go. If you are unsure about the most attractive setup for these banners, do not worry. We gladly work with you on a color scheme and the addition of artistic elements that will truly make your message shine. This signage technology is suitable for all kinds of businesses. It does not matter if you run a boutique, a chiropractor’s office or a spa, no-fly-away banners are premier outdoor marketing tools that get your message across.


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Stand Out With These 3 Branding Tips for Orange County Business Owners!


Branding Tips for Orange CountyCustom signs for Orange County retailers are an excellent tool for building name awareness and branding a store or product. But are they enough? Interestingly, it is no longer adequate to hang out a sign and hope that Orange County shoppers will flock to your locale. In fact, there are three branding tips that you must observe to really have an impact on the consumer.

1. Have a Great Website

No, we are not talking about the do-it-yourself site that features plenty of slow-loading graphics, ads from the free service provider you used and misspelled content. Rather, we are talking about a professionally put together online presence that features numerous sub-pages for the various products and services that you offer. There should be no placeholder text and no “page not found” notation. Take a page from the playbook of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). The organization urges its members to brand through the establishment of a professional online presence that include a domain name, a website, a blog and a solid social media presence. Check out these top 10 best places to get a free website!

2. Connect on Social Media

Custom signage for Orange County business ownersSpeaking of social media, remember that it is not sufficient to set up a Facebook page and then forget about it. Your customers are looking for content that is pithy, useful, funny and consistent. Go ahead, post some memes, add funny sayings, highlight your products, mention noteworthy interactions and give consumers something of value. If you are in the business of selling baking supplies, opine about the advantages of glass versus aluminum. If you sell home goods, offer some decorating tips and post pictures. Use your social media presence as a networking tool as well. Build relationships with vendors, customers and those “just looking.” If this sounds like a tall order, hire a professional who will do the blogging and social media networking for you. Since consistency is key, it is better to pay a few dollars to have daily posts than to get around to it on your schedule, which may be once a month.

3. Custom Signs for Orange County

Hiring a professional is also a good idea when designing retail store signs. Orange County is littered with small mom-and-pop shops that feature homemade signs, which eventually get Exterior building signs Orange Countylost in the sea of professionally done exterior markers. Saving money on a sign is the worst business decision you can make. In fact, this is where you want to spend your marketing dollars first! Your customers have to be able to find you and immediately get the idea that you are a serious contender in your niche. Nothing says “niche expert” like a lit channel letter sign that builds brand awareness by displaying your company’s name, featuring your logo and incorporating your logo’s color scheme.

Does this sound like a tall order? It does not have to be! America’s Instant Signs is here to help you with the signage portion of your Orange County branding mission. While we cannot write your blog for you, we can make sure that customers have an easy time finding your store. In addition, we can design your interior signs as well. They ensure a seamless integration of your exterior atmosphere into your interior’s ambiance.


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Grand Opening Banners for Anaheim and Permitting Information


Grand opening banners Anaheim CAOpening your business is a fun-filled event. Sure, it can be a nail-biter, too. Yet when you take great pains to plan out your event and get permits for your promotional and grand opening banners in Anaheim, CA, even the entrepreneur putting on the event can have a good time. This brings up the question: What are the city’s rules? Do I need a banner permit in Anaheim, CA? Are there size restrictions? Your questions – answered.

How many banners can I have for a grand opening celebration?

The City of Anaheim allows you a one-time permit to have one banner for the street side of your storefront unit. This allows you to market your grand opening occasion to pedestrians and motorists. If you are setting up shop on a corner, you may be able to apply for a second permit. This is up to the discretion of the city.

How long can I hang up the grand opening banner?

The main reason for this sign display is the creation of a buzz. You want folks to start talking about your business before you open, on opening day and also immediately thereafter. The city restricts the presentation of a grand opening sign to 30 days.

Are there size and placement restrictions?

Custom Banners Orange CountyYou are limited to a 36-square-foot – or smaller – banner that you may hang from the façade of your storefront. It is unlawful to place the banner into your landscaping, over the roofline or onto public property like the median or sidewalk.

Do the same restrictions apply for a promotional banner?

While you may only receive one grand opening sign permit, you do have the option of applying for four special event permits. These products may be displayed for a nine-day stretch each. Once again, you are limited to one display per storefront. Size and display location restrictions are identical to the grand opening rules.

What types of banners should I choose?

Sign permits and banners for Anaheim CAOutdoor banners need to be durable. At America’s Instant Signs, we manufacture products that feature hems and grommets, which make them easy to hang from your building’s front. For special events, we recommend digital banners that feature bold colors and photos of your product, logo and company name. This is a good product to consider for your grand opening.

When you need special events displays, order them with an eye on future re-use. We recommend vinyl products that are a little less colorful but very durable. When you change the banner information, you can re-use the product for years to come.

In addition to grand opening and special events, what types of banners may I need?

Do you exhibit at trade shows? We offer banners that are made specifically for the trade show circuit. These products are created to generate branding, name recognition and product introductions. You may re-use them for the up and coming exhibits that go on all across the country.

You may also need these products when you sponsor non-profit organizations during their fundraisers. Whether you donate supplies to the local school, pet food to the animal shelter, shirts or water bottles for the 5K run or anything else, make sure that your company’s information is properly displayed.


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Image credit: Stuart Miles

Best Uses for Post and Panel Signs in Orange County


Post and panel signs Orange CountyOrange County is a hotbed for chain brands like 7-11, Nike and UPS stores. Smaller businesses must compete with these retail giants via advertising, branding and signage. Service providers – doctors, attorneys and accountants – face a similar dilemma. Yet while it is the sheer number of competing outlets that daunts the retailers, for service providers it is the size of competing operations that can be worrisome.

For example, a dermatologist may worry that would-be patients are more likely to head for the competitor who has set up an office in a large medical complex with multiple markers and plenty of parking. Is it possible for the smaller business, the one-location store or the new entrepreneur to successfully go up against the “big boys?” The answer is a resounding yes – with the right marketing plan.

Good options include a combination of exterior and interior signs as well as vehicle wraps or lettering for maximum effect. When it comes to exterior markers, post and panel signs for Orange County, CA, businesses tend to get good results. Here is why:

  • Signal unique business locations. The company that chooses a post and panel marker is most likely not affiliated with a major home office that dictates the use of exterior signage. As a result, customers in search of a unique buying experience recognize the storefront as the location where they are most likely going to receive it.
  • Wayfinding post and panel signs Orange CountyBrand your business. Due to the versatility of the materials, you have the option of displaying your company name and logo in the most eye-catching manner possible. Choose triangular marker setups to further stand apart from other companies. The plug-and-play nature of the markers makes it possible to create interesting configurations that are easy to remember for the consumer.
  • Excellent starter signs. If money is tight and you are opening your very first office or storefront, do not compromise on signage! Post and panel construction can be made to suit your budget by using wood and PVC materials. Once business has picked up and you can afford to upgrade, look at long-lasting aluminum that will see you through the decades of being in business. By the way, we can customize your sign setup as well as its shape to uniquely identify your business’s logo.
  • Orange County post and panel signsCatch the eye with add-ons. Attractive post toppers, brochure pockets and even illumination are just some of the special features that you could add to your marker. These features are eye-catching and visually attractive.

With so many options, it is easy to get overwhelmed and stick with the markers that you have already chosen. Do not fall into this trap! To compete in Orange County for the consumer dollar, you must stand out in the most memorable way possible. At America’s Instant Signs, we routinely work with new entrepreneurs and long-established business owners who want to get the most hard-hitting sign solutions for their companies. Even if you do not have any idea how you want your finished marker to look, we can help!


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What Types of Trade Show Displays Are Best in Orange County?


Trade show graphics Orange CountyOrange County is uniquely suited for the steadily increasing influx of trade show events. In addition to the year-round beautiful weather, the easy access via John Wayne Airport makes it possible for weary travelers to avoid bustling LAX. Not surprisingly, local businesses are gearing up to show off their products and services at events that are frequently put on by out-of-state organizers.

Why Choosing the Right Materials Matters

What types of trade show displays for Orange County should your business choose? Does it really make a big difference what kinds of displays you present yourself with? In fact, the quality, selection and even quantity of your display materials can make a huge difference! Remember that you are not just competing at the local level any longer.

Whereas locally planned and organized shows pit you against the competition from within the local business community, these nationally organized shows force you to compete nationally. It is here that you can make or break your company’s reputation for the long run.

Common Problems of Novice Exhibitors

Retractable banners for Orange County Trade ShowsAttending trade shows as an exhibitor comes with a distinct learning curve. Even so, it is possible to learn from the mistakes made by others and avoid them right out of the starting gate.

  • Old or damaged displays. They might still work for the occasional hotel exhibit, but they will not fly at the Anaheim Convention Center. With an exhibit floor of 815,000 square feet, you cannot afford to drag faded, broken or torn display posters to a show.
  • Outdated information. If you displayed your widget as the new product of 2013, you cannot bring the same materials in 2014 and beyond.
  • Dated displays. The public’s taste in color choices, graphics and displays changes. Interactive and high-tech displays are in. Dark colors and avocado-green are out.

Picking Orange County Trade Show Graphics That Work

Trade show exhibits Orange CountyAre you confused about what to bring to the next show? At America’s Instant Signs, we have a strong finger on the pulse of the Orange County trade show circuit. We know what works, what does not and what is considered “so last year.”

  • Freestanding signs. These displays are a hit on the circuit this year. Let your whimsy shine with cartoon characters or display your products in living color – and sometimes larger than life. These signs have proven to draw the attention of attendees.
  • Countertop displays. Do not let the table display remain flat. Add height, interest and additional display space by putting up countertop signs. Examples include small easel signs and pop-up displays.
  • Pop up trade show displays Orange CountyBanners. Retractable banner stands are crucial display means for your Orange County exhibitions. They set up quickly, look sleek and modern, protect your customized banner and identify you as the kind of business owner who is thinking long-term. If there is one piece of hardware that you can confidently take to next year’s show, it is this one. 
  • Posters. While posters are not the main attraction of any booth, they are ideal tools for creating a buzz inside a large area. When you place them around the hall with arrows pointing toward your display, visitors cannot help but wonder what your product is all about.

Need trade show graphics? We make it easy to get a free quote...


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The Advantages of Vehicle and Fleet Lettering in Orange County


Vehicle and fleet lettering Orange CountyGetting noticed in Orange County can make or break your business. If you fail to get eyeballs to notice your service or retail advertisement, you lose out on customer dollars. Miss enough opportunities, and you may not be able to sustain your company for long. On the flipside, there are those savvy entrepreneurs who realize that the only way to eclipse the competition is an aggressive marketing campaign that takes the message to the consumer.

What do they do? Do they take out more print ads or buy billboards? Not necessarily; vehicle and fleet lettering for Orange County businesses has become the new advertising battleground. The advantages of the medium are without dispute.

  • Versatile. It does not matter if you run a plumbing business, sell shoes or specialize in chiropractic care. There is a wrap, perf or lettering package that uniquely suits your business.
  • Adaptable. Do you drive a truck, delivery van, personal automobile or even just a motorbike? All of these conveyances can be transformed into ad space with the help of lettering and decals.
  • Truck lettering and graphics Orange CountyEffective. Studies have proven that one wrapped vehicle receives between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day. Imagine how many people will see your advertising if you wrap two, 20 or 200 vehicles? Whether you have only one car or a fleet numbering in tens or hundreds, the impact that you can make is enormous.
  • Aggressive. A billboard stays in place. The posters and banners you hang inside and outside of your storefront locale also remain stationary. The same is not true for the wrapped or lettered vehicle. You have the option of driving it anywhere you like. Aggressively target new neighborhoods with print campaigns as well as your presence as your wrapped or lettered vehicles drive through the neighborhood, park at parks and make themselves visible at the drive-through and in shopping center parking lots.
  • Fleet truck lettering Orange CountyInexpensive. Cheaper than radio, television or print ads, vehicle wraps and graphics for Orange County business owners are suitable for any budget. Lettering and the addition of decals are the least expensive options. For those who want the maximum effect, there are whole-vehicle wraps and perfs. The combinations and possibilities are truly endless.

With a projected life of about four to five years, the digital graphics on your vehicle are crisp and visually attractive. Since we apply a protective UV laminate, the bright Orange County sun will not fade the decals and detract from the beauty of your message. The application of high-quality Avery of 3M vinyl protects against peeling and other problems that detract from the message.

Do not worry if you are uncertain of how to combine your marketing message with decals or a wrap. At America’s Instant Signs, we gladly meet with you and help you design the perfect wrap or lettering package. We help you choose the right wording, pick out the graphics and advise on the perfect layout for the vehicles that you are driving. Whether you drive a huge truck or a small automobile, you can display the same message in a manner that makes the car – and the message – look great.


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Bockman's Drapery & Upholstery Markets with Box Truck Vinyl Lettering in Anaheim CA


It is a common misconception that vehicle vinyl lettering is only for delivery vans. In fact, another great marketing medium is box truck lettering! Anaheim, CA, is home to Bockman’s Interiors. Located at 1008 North Tustin Avenue near the 91 Freeway and La Palma Avenue, this retailer specializes in draperies, area rugs, upholstery and carpets. Since the company’s clientele expects in-home consultations, expert measuring and installation, the company needs something a bit larger than a standard van.

Box truck vinyl lettering Anaheim CA

Investing in a box truck for all delivery and installation supply needs, Bockman’s contacted America’s Instant Signs when it came time to add lettering to the vehicle. Using three different shades of blue, we kept the white canvas for a great contrasting look. The company’s name is rendered in keeping with the already established typeface. We showcased the most popular merchandise options in bold and then repeated them in a different lineup and font. The phone number comes next. The lettering is identical on the back and sides of the box truck.

What Makes Lettering so Effective for Businesses with a Delivery Service

3M vehicle vinyl lettering Anaheim CANeighbors are always curious about the new furnishings the folks next door are getting. When there is a chance to spend an hour or more in someone’s driveway, let it be known where this particular consumer has chosen to shop. Neighbors who visit one another’s homes will soon connect your company name with the new draperies, blinds or floor treatments.

How to Make the Most of this Marketing Tool

If your business has more than one box truck, consider having the lettering added to all vehicles. This ensures good saturation of the market when all of your automobiles are out and about. Even if you only have one truck, you can still make good use of the marketing message that you have added to its exterior. Drive the truck everywhere you need to go.

Even if you would have normally taken your private car to drive to the bank, opt for the truck instead. Being seen in and around the local business community is a huge advantage for companies that are getting established. It also helps already established businesses to increase name awareness.

What Could You Include in Your Lettering?

Avery vehicle vinyl lettering Anaheim CAThere really is no limit to the information that our technicians can add to your vehicle – provided that there is sufficient space. Of course, there are a few must-haves.

  • Company name. Always allocate a good bit of space to the large display of your business’s name. It is usually the first message that the consumer sees. Enhancing brand awareness requires a focus on the name.
  • Logo. If you have a company logo, be sure to add it as well. While it does not need to be on equal footing with the company name, it should be fairly close by to facilitate branding.
  • Contact information. A website address and a phone number are excellent contact points. Enhance the size of the phone number since it is the most likely avenue for new customers to contact you with inquiries.
  • Social media information. Although optional, consider adding your Facebook page address and your Twitter handle – if you are active on social media. If you have not paid any attention to your page in months, this is probably not beneficial.

At America's Instant Signs, we use high-quality, heavy duty adhesive vinyl films from manufacturers like 3M and Avery Dennison. Ready to consider vehicle vinyl lettering? We make it easy to get a free quote...


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Sanaya Indian Cuisine Shines with Front Lit Channel Letter Sign in Irvine CA


Being seen after dark is a major concern for the majority of restaurateurs. This is particularly true in cities where competition is plentiful. Flanked by Tustin and Lake Forest, California’s Irvine is home to more than 3,530 restaurants that seek to attract guests. Not surprisingly, the type of signage that advertises the location is of greatest importance to the management of the eateries. One example is Sanaya Indian Cuisine. Located at 6626 Irvine Center Drive, this Indian restaurant serves lunch and dinner from Monday through Saturday.

Choosing the Right Channel Letter Combination

Front lit channel letter sign Irving CA

Finding the restaurant after dark – and differentiating it from competing venues – was of the utmost value to the Sanaya’s management. They contacted America’s Instant Signs and discussed their need for restaurant channel letter signs. Irvine, CA, is home to a large number of excellent restaurants that choose this particular type of signage for their exterior building-mounted markers. We visited the site and looked at competing signage, took in the street scene and noted the other markers that were already installed.

We realized that a lit marker was crucial for this Indian restaurant. Channel letter signs in Irvine, CA, come in lit and unlit versions; the choice depends on the play of lights and shadows on the façade due to already existing light sources as well as on the operating hours of the eatery. The management looked over our sketches and decided to go with red front-lit channel letters for the name “Sanaya” and incorporate halo-lit black letters for the words “Indian Cuisine.” The result is a striking daylight setup that is quite noticeable. At night, the mix of slightly diffused illumination and crisp red light creates a highly visible façade marker.

Why Mixing and Matching Channel Letter Designs can Work for You

Restaurant Channel Letter Sign Irvine CA

The latest exterior signage trends show a marked uptick in the number of markers that capitalize on the attractive nature of the visual harmonies that different manufacturing styles make possible. When combined, the front- and halo-lit varieties complement one another while creating a play of light and shadow that is interesting and makes the passersby take that all-important second glance.

Exterior building signs for Irvine CA restaurantsWhen your business is located in a strip mall setting or near competing venues, this visual interest can make the difference between successfully marketing to a hungry customer and having this consumer visit a competitor instead. Of course, it is always a good idea to follow up an interesting exterior signage setup with a matching interior marker display. Remember: Exterior signs always set the stage for the experience the consumer expects to have inside.

If all of this sounds confusing, do not worry. Our experienced graphic artists at America’s Instant Signs will gladly sit down with you to explore the various exterior and interior signage setups that would be advantageous for your business. We visit your restaurant, take into account the signs that you have already installed and also become familiar with your chosen color combinations, logo setup and typeface. Our sketches will reflect our desire to incorporate the already existing style elements into a sign that is sure to wow your customers!


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The Many Types of Orange County Retail and Restaurant Signs


Restaurant and Retail Store Signs Orange CountyWhat do Orange County’s restaurateurs and retailers have in common? Without a steady stream of new and repeat customers, their businesses would soon fail. The professionals know that they need to make a great first impression – on the outside as well as on the inside – to get new business. What do they rely on? Signage! If you are in the business, what types of Orange County retail and restaurant signs could you use – and why?

Channel Letter Signs Brand from a Distance

You cannot go wrong by creatively making your presence known. Whether you are located in a strip mall setting, are part of a food court setup or stand alone in a commercially zoned part of town, the channel letter sign signals the name of your restaurant or store. Unless you have a well-defined lighting scheme that includes your building façade and marker, opt for a lit channel letter setup. After dark and during rainy weather, it is easy to see it even from a long distance away.

Wayfinding Signage Makes First-Time Visits Convenient

Channel Letter Signs for Restaurants and Retail Stores Orange CountyCustomers do not want to have to guess when it comes to finding additional parking, how to find the front door and whether they have to go through the facility to reach your patio or product pick-up window. Make it clear with digital banners and freestanding signs where they need to head.

Announce Your Specials with Pride and Creativity

A-frame signs are a staple of a restaurant atmosphere. Customers have come to connect the presence of an old-fashioned easel stand with the availability of a daily special. Use this already ingrained association to your benefit. When you use customized digital inserts, you can easily switch the message of your A-frame display and keep the unused inserts on hand for future display. Storeowners, too, can make good use of easel stands as marketing tools on the sidewalks immediately in front of their entrance doors. Since these signs appeal to oncoming consumers, you may be able to generate more foot traffic.

Window Graphics Need a Professional Touch

Window Graphics for Restaurants and Retail Stores Orange CountyYour windowpanes can be some of your most successful advertising spaces. When they are done tastefully, they generate interest with colorful graphics, dimensional lettering and customized displays that highlight some of your most popular dishes or wares. Having too many decals in your window rubbing elbows with those you put up last year, however, will make the place look cluttered, which actually detracts from the presentation. This is most certainly one area of your advertising signage setup where you need to get a professional to work with you and sketch out an effective display.

Getting Help with Your Retail and Restaurant Signage

When you call the friendly experts at America’s Instant Signs, one of our graphic artists gladly visits your store or restaurant. Looking at your venue through the eyes of a would-be customer, we can quickly find areas where additional signage is a necessity. We may also find areas where you might need a little tweaking to get the message across more effectively. After our time together, we sketch out a proposed signage setup for your approval. So go ahead, give us a call. We can get your signs done quickly!


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Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church Shines with Sandblasted Redwood Signs


Sandblasted redwood signs Orange CountyHave you ever driven past a church building and wondered what made the faith community decide on the particular type of signage that they had mounted? Some feature acrylic lettering while others have chosen to use metal plaques. While it is true that in some instances a faith community honors the request of the donor who paid for the marker, it is far more common for the organization to look to the city or county for guidance. After all, city officials must approve their signs just as they do the markers of the business community.

Take for example Laguna Presbyterian Church in California’s Laguna Beach. Located at 415 Forest Avenue, this faith community is a vibrant member of the local neighborhood. It operates a preschool, opens the doors to its Spanish Colonial Revival sanctuary to Southern Orange County Christians desirous to wed in this setting and operates several service projects for those desirous of helping local and international charities with more than just monetary donations.

When it came time to redo the church’s signage, Laguna Presbyterian Church contacted America’s Instant Signs. Since the city of Laguna Beach is very partial to natural redwood signs and actually requires their usage by many members of the local business community, the church decided to follow suit. Opting for fresh sandblasted redwood signs to replace the outdated ones, the property underwent a stunning beautification. Many features, such as the preschool, sanctuary and youth center are now beautifully labeled.

The simplicity of the signs makes for perfect wayfinding markers. If you are inspired by the sandblasted redwood signs for Orange County churches such as Laguna Presbyterian, consider using them for your retail operation, faith community or service business.

  • Define an identity. The sandblasted sign defines the identity of the venue it marks. Whether you stick with the natural colors of a redwood marker or opt for the addition of paints, this type of signage works with the look of your building to set the stage for its atmosphere.
  • Enjoy variety. While redwood is only one material that we use for sandblasting, there is a host of other raw materials for you to pick from. We work with marble, sign foam and other kinds of wood, too. Moreover, sandblasting is also only one technique our skilled graphic artists rely on. Routing and channel cutting are other means of creating amazing signs that suit your needs.
  • Stand out. While others may advertise a modernized approach to business or service with lit channel lettering, this down-to-earth approach bespeaks your love of time-honored values and long-standing histories. You will stand out by virtue of the unconventional appearance of your markers.

Since customization is a key-element in the design of attention-getting church signage, we specialize in the creation of markers that are unusual and individualized. We work with your already existing fonts and customer logos to create markers that use some of these style elements to blend into the venue’s impression. At the same time, the technology employed in making the signs ensures that they draw the eyes and generate interest in those seeing them. Even repeat visitors who are familiar with the signs will be drawn to the meticulous execution of the designs.

Are you looking for new church or school signs in Orange County? We make it easy to get a free quote...


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Now, let's take a look at some before and after images of these new sandblasted redwood signs...

Laguna Beach school and church signs

A look at their old main signage


Exterior Church Signs Laguna Beach CA

The new sign with a sandblasted header


Preschool signs Orange County

The above shows their old preschool marker


Exterior signs for Orange County Churches and Schools

The new preschool entrance!

Exterior signs for Laguna Beach schools and churches

Even the new elevator sign shines!


Church Signs Orange County

So does this new sign for their youth center!

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