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Mann Mortgage Lights Up Strip Mall with Channel Letter Sign


Do you ever wonder what a front-lit channel letter sign – installed on an attractive raceway – could do for your company? Well, take a look at Mann Mortgage. Located at 1818 North Placentia Avenue, this mortgage banker specializes in a wide variety of financial products. Whether consumers need a jumbo, FHA, VA or reverse mortgage, Mann Mortgage can help. When it came time to add one of the mortgage company exterior signs Orange County professionals rely on, the management team contacted America’s Instant Signs.

Channel Letter Signs Pop!

Strip mall channel letter signs Orange County

When consulting with the team, we were instructed to take our cue from the look of the mortgage banker’s website. Green lettering stands out. When consumers do their shopping online first, this is the color that greets them. It only makes sense to continue this color scheme for the exterior building sign. The front-lit appearance allows the letters to light up and act as beacons during cloudy weather, on the rare occasion of rain or simply to draw attention to the location. Situated at the end of a strip mall setup, this is a crucial aspect of marketing. The raceway mount helps the letters to further stand out.

Are you still thinking of adding mortgage company illuminated channel letter signs? Orange County storefront offices cannot properly brand and market without them.

Draw Attention

The majority of office storefronts are located either in strip malls or in office parks. Both settings frequently feature competition from other companies that may be in a similar line of business. In business parks, there is the added challenge of attracting attention when only one or two businesses actually face the street. This is where the right channel letter setup makes a huge difference.

Brand the Business

As noted by the SEJ, some 88.1 percent of American Internet users chose to research products online. Related statistics reveal that 39 percent of the consumers a business welcomes are there because of these searches. As a result, it is highly likely that Mann Mortgage customers pick up the phone or visit the office after such a search. For this reason, it is imperative that the building’s signage continues the branding that the company does online on its website. This familiarity is a key element and continues the conversation between business and consumer that was begun online. With channel letters – or a lightbox cabinet sign – this is possible for any business.

Getting started on your order is just as easy. Call our friendly channel letter experts to discuss your signage needs. We visit you for a site survey and take measurements of the façade. This is also the time that we ask you for any artwork that you may already have on file. We can work with what you have or help you develop a whole new look. While channel letters are the most commonly requested signs, it is also possible to go for a lightbox cabinet marker or dimensional letters. By the way, if you would like channel letters and a logo display, we would manufacture the logo with the help of a carefully shaped lightbox. After handling the permitting and manufacture, we install the sign.

Yes, it is really that easy.


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Plastic Surgeon Gets a "Face-Lift" with Channel Letter Sign in Orange County


Doctor Siamak Agha is one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in his field. His expertise is well-known in Southern California and nationwide. When he set up his clinic in Corona Del Mar, he needed the right channel letter signs for plastic surgeons in Orange County. These signs have to be sleek, modern and underscore the avant-garde nature of the physician’s problem-solving skills. This is when America’s Instant Signs got the call.

Illuminated channel letter signs Orange County

Creating the Illuminated Channel Letter Sign

We evaluated the upscale office setting and looked over the graphics the surgeon’s office already had. After discussing the options available, we manufactured illuminated channel letters that are installed to a raceway near the clinic’s roofline. These channel letters spell out the niche. Right underneath, we added a lightbox cabinet that identifies the venue and the doctor. To the left, another cabinet sign displays the logo. This signage combination is an eye-grabber and attracts plenty of attention. It also acts as a wayfinding beacon for anyone in search of the office.

Channel Letter Signs for Medical Centers Orange County

Do you still need exterior signs for plastic surgeons? In Orange County, these markers must exceed the expectations of consumers. Potential patients will be intrigued with the physician who chooses an unusual signage setup as opposed to a standard sign. When you take a page from the playbook of Dr. Agha’s medical spa, you will notice that the combination of channel letters and cabinets is indeed extraordinary. When you are thinking of adding signage to your clinic or venue, we can help you find just the right combination.

Cabinets and Message Boards

Cabinets can feature built-in message boards. Whether you choose the ones that allow you to change vinyl letters by hand or you select the ones that you change remotely with software, this marker combination is sure to stand out.

Monument Markers and Cabinets

It is easy to add a cabinet to a monument sign. We offer multiple placement options, which lets you select the one that is just right for your setting.

Channel letters and Cabinets

This is the most familiar combination that you find in and around Orange County. It allows for the display of a logo as well as for the addition of attractive writing.

Dimensional Letters and Cabinets

Office building management companies in general favor the use of dimensional letters. They are sophisticated and once again favorably combine the display of a logo with the display of a name.

There are, of course, other options as well. We have had excellent success with physicians who incorporated their signage into a wall mural. While this is frequently considered to be an attractive signage option for a lobby marker, it is possible to continue on the artwork outside and have it envelop part of the façade. While it is true that not every building’s front is perfectly suited for this setup, there are some that will do spectacularly well with the mural. Go ahead and call our friendly exterior signage professionals today for more information on how we can transform your building’s façade into a marketing and branding powerhouse.


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Guide to Halo Lit Channel Letters for Orange County


Halo lit channel letters Orange CountyMany of our customers are well-educated on the intricacies of the different types of signs before they ever contact us. But there is a common cause of confusion: halo lit channel letters. Orange County business owners like the idea of having this type of illumination but because different companies have developed different terminologies, it is easy to get confused. The friendly professionals at America’s Instant Signs have therefore put together a Q&A that features some of the most common questions we get.

Q: How many different types of halo-lit signs are there?

A: There are two distinct types. A reverse-lit channel letter sign is made fully from aluminum except for the back. This frequently features a clear acrylic face. The light source is placed inside the letter. Mounted onto the wall with standoffs, the illumination comes from behind the letter, which creates a halo effect around its darker body.

A second type of halo-lit sign incorporates the reverse-lit technology with the much more common front-lit appearance. In this case, only the sides of the letters are made from aluminum. The back is either open or features clear acrylic while the front displays a colorful polycarbonate face. The internal light source now sends its illumination through the front and back, which creates the customary bright lettering with the attractive halo from behind.

Q: What is the advantage of the halo effect?

Orange County halo lit channel lettersA: Upscale restaurants and high-end retailers in particular appreciate the warmer look and feel that the halo lighting provides. The diffused light also bespeaks an exclusive establishment that does not “need” to advertise with the much more common front-lit letters.

Q: Are there disadvantages to these channel letters?

A: While there are really no disadvantages to installing a halo-lit sign, it is noteworthy that the halo effect makes the lettering just a slight bit more difficult to read at night. Of course, with a properly sized sign that is professionally installed, this is not usually problem.

Q: Can any signage maker install this type of marker?

Halo lit channel letter signs Orange CountyA: No. While any signage contractor can install the channel letter bodies, it takes a specialist to install the lit version according to local codes. For this reason, we are a sign company with C45 electrical sign contractor license Orange County recognizes. This allows us to not only design and manufacture the letters but also to professionally install them on your property. The license gives you the knowledge that the electrical setup is done according to code, which ensures that your business is in compliance with all the regulations governing your signage.

Q: How do I order halo-lit channel letters?

A: Talk to our knowledgeable signage makers and set up a site survey. We visit your business location, take measurements, get a feel for the neighborhood and also learn from you what type of setup you are looking for. Next, we create proofs that show you what your finished signage could look like. After you give your approval, we manufacture the channel letters according to your specifications. Lastly, we prepare your business’ facade and professionally install the marker.


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Monro Shoes Advertises with Acrylic Table Top Displays


Acrylic table top displays Orange CountyDepartment store displays Orange County retailers use have three distinct functions:

  1. Grab the eye. The displays must turn heads and pique the interest of shoppers – even if they were not initially considering the purchase of the advertised product.
  2. Educate the consumer. Gone are the days when just a brand name is added to a display. Modern retailers know that the combination of a name as well as a niche or product explanation is crucial.
  3. Generate name recognition. Retailers want shoppers to associate the name of a business with a specific product. The goal here is to turn a business into a household name for certain items.

Case in point is Munro American. Headquartered in Hot Springs, AR, this company has succeeded at making nationwide connection with retailers. When it came time to manufacture acrylic table top shoe displays Orange County shoppers would see, the company contacted America’s Instant Signs. We created a one-inch thick clear acrylic table top display that is cut to measure six inches in height and eight inches in width. The corners are square-cut and polished.

Retail store table top displays

Next, we screen-printed two colors onto the face of the block. We added scratch protection to enhance the durability of the display piece. The blocks are perfectly sized for sitting on shoe display tables at high-end retailers – such as Nordstrom – to brand and market the luxurious footwear. In the process, they easily demand attention, educate the shopper and also generate name recognition as well as brand awareness.

Who Benefits from Acrylic Table Top Displays?

We can do the same for your products. It is interesting to note that you do not have to be a retailer for shoes or similar products to rely on these types of displays in your venue.


Buy table top displays in Orange County

The majority of vets now sell topical flea medications and heartworm prevention drugs. Make it easy to have the brand recognized by placing a table top display on your reception area counter. This also helps to promote impulse sales. After all, a pet owner who brought in a dog for a nail-clipping may remember that the supply of heartworm medicines is running low. Rather than making another trip in a couple of weeks, now is a good time to stock up. Without the display, it is unlikely that the client would have thought of it.

Insurance Agents

Advertise different insurance products with the help of these displays. If the majority of your clients have car insurance only, remind them of the necessity of life insurance as well. In so doing, your table top display is not just a sales tool but also functions as a conversation starter.


Retail store acrylic table top displays for shoes in Orange County

Why does an eatery need a table top display? If you bottle your own salsa or sauce, this is a great point-of-sale sign right there on the counter. Guests have enjoyed your food and now they have the option of bringing home some of the taste with them. Place it near the cash register for best results.

Talk to our friendly display experts today for more options. We gladly help you to generate brand awareness with a table top display that is uniquely suited to your company.

Downtown Disney Uses Window Displays to Promote Frozen Movie!


The promotional window displays Orange County businesses usually commission feature clever backdrops and stunningly layered style elements. They must catch the eye and entice onlookers to come a bit closer to take a second look at the display. Frequently, the products or services that are being advertised are not actually on display behind the glass panes. Rather, these setups are geared toward drawing in the consumer who will be fascinated by the look – and then also learn about the products by looking inside the store.

Retail Window Displays Promote Frozen Movie

Retail Window Displays Easily Promote!

When Downtown Disney was planning the setup of its Anna & Elsa’s Boutique, the company contacted America’s Instant Signs to create the types of movie promo window displays Orange County visitors to the area simply could not walk past without taking a peek. We discussed the customer’s vision in detail and learned that we needed to treat several windows with decorations that would promote the movie “Frozen” as well as related merchandise.

We began with the manufacture of window decals that give the panes a partially frozen appearance. Next, we created revolving snowflakes that are made of three layers of carefully painted acrylic. Due to motorization, these snowflakes spin continuously. We also added a stunning waterfall and majestic mountains. These are made from layered acrylic and have carefully placed cutouts for lighting. The look of the window displays harmonizes beautifully with the entryway setup and the merchandise arrangements on the inside.

Disney store retail window displays Orange County

Are you thinking of doing a promotional window display this holiday season – or at any time in the near future? We can help you with all aspects of the process.

Site Evaluation

Our professionals routinely come out for site evaluations. This allows us to get a feel for the look and atmosphere of your setting as well as the size of the windows that we are working with.

Creative Consultation

Holiday retail store window displays Orange County

Sometimes, our customers know exactly what they want, what colors to choose and how the finished product should look. At other times, they are uncertain and request ideas for how to add certain style elements to create a visual masterpiece. Whether you need a design from scratch or simply want to see what your chosen decorations will look like, we can help.

Material Selections

Promotional window displays Orange County

Acrylics are an excellent choice for a variety of window backdrops. They may be polished or matte, look great when layered and are sufficiently lightweight for a tall display. Mixing and matching materials is another option. Printed posters can set the backdrop against which the acrylic style elements provide texture and depth. Window vinyl graphics and decals treat the panes themselves.

Holiday window graphics Orange County

If all of this sounds confusing, do not worry! Talk to our experienced window display designers and discover just how transformative the addition of various style elements can be for your storefront. We walk you through the process, present proofs for your approval and then manufacture the individual pieces. When it is convenient for you, we install the style elements for a professional look. Call us today! We can get started on the process right away.


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Matrix Surfaces Adds Crisp Lobby Sign in Orange County!


Orange County lobby signs have to be professional and uniquely suited to brand the business that they represent. This is why a “one size fits all” approach never works in this setting. Case in point is Matrix Surfaces. Located at 5449 East La Palma Avenue in Anaheim Hills, this company is in the business of crafting custom countertops that are as functional as they are masterpieces of elegance and visual aesthetics. A company that works with the natural beauty of stone and perfectly adapts it to customers’ needs simply cannot make do with a so-so reception area marker.

The Right Lobby Sign Helps Brand Your Business

Acrylic Lobby Signs Orange County

When America’s Instant Signs got the call, we visited the company for a site evaluation and to learn more about the business. We quickly realized that the elegance of their finished products called for a sign that was sleek, professional but also artistic. Acrylic was the perfect material for us to work with. We created Matrix Surfaces’ lobby marker and underneath placed the niche explanations that further brand the company. Due to the material choice, the marker is shiny and perfectly centered on the wall behind the receptionist’s desk. It is large enough to suit the tall wall to which it is installed, but it is not so tall as to be imposing.

Is your company still in need of lobby signs? Orange County businesses know that our friendly professionals are not just specialists in the manufacture of these signage solutions but also artists who create some of the most eye-catching proofs prior to making these signs. When you work with us, we ensure that your marker portrays your company, its mission and its unique branding requirements with the help of materials, sizing, font selection and mounting options.


Choose acrylics – like Matrix Surfaces – or opt for foam, laminates, metal or a variety of material combinations. Some of the most creative signs we have done involve the layering of acrylic boards and lettering. Some of the most impacting and no-nonsense markers we have created called for the combination of indoor-rated foam and metal laminates. If you would prefer to use materials that are outside of the mainstream, we can assist you with those as well.


The size of your lobby signage does matter. The marker should be large enough to hold its own in a large space, but it should not be so big that it is considered imposing. This is a fine line that calls for a professional eye. Since you do not want to dwarf the space with the marker, we like to come out for a site evaluation that allows us to measure the walls and get a good feel for the space as well as the furnishings that you already have. As a result, your sign will fit right in even as it grabs the eyes of those who enter you suite.

Font Selection

Selecting a font for your business is easy if you already have stationery and business cards. When you are just starting out and you do not actually have decided on the font of your business’ name just yet, we can assist you with this decision. Since it affects the look of your lobby marker, this is an important choice.

Mounting Options

Would you like your sign to be attached to the wall or do you prefer offsets that allow for a little bit of spacing? The latter gives you the option of mounting spotlights that create displays of light and shadows, which can be very attractive in a lobby.


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How Effective Are Your Exterior Signs in Orange County?


Exterior Building Signs Orange CountyThe sunny Southern California weather keeps shoppers out and about a lot longer than they might be in other parts of the state or even the country. It therefore stands to reasons that illuminated Orange County Signs are a necessity. With shoppers still browsing in specialty stores after most chain locales have already closed down, visibility after dark can make the difference between being competitive and having to begin layoffs.

Are Your Exterior Signs in Orange County Effective?

Needless you say, if you have not yet commissioned one or more illuminated signs, it is high time that you invest in the type of marker that helps you to stand out when the consumers Channel Letter Signs Orange Countyare ready to shop. What are your options?

Channel Letters

The quintessential marker for retailers and service providers of all types, these letters come in a variety of fonts and sizes. The housing itself is made from sturdy aluminum, which ensures an increased longevity of the finished product. Opt for front illumination that makes the colorful letters shine brightly at night or select the type of lighting that provides a soft halo effect.

Cabinet Signs

Lightbox cabinet signs Orange CountyService providers and also companies associated with other businesses most commonly favor this type of setup. The same is true for faith communities and schools. The cabinet may feature a standard geometric shape of be die-cut to resemble your logo. The light source goes inside and makes the front of the marker stand out at night. Include your name, your logo, your business affiliation, perhaps an address or anything else that you think your customers would want to know.

Digital Signs

The number of digital signs in and around Orange County is increasing, particularly around densely populated mixed-zone areas where there are a lot of smaller businesses trying to get the attention of consumers. Since digital markers allow you to change the message whenever you desire, they are excellent when you frequently run special deals or advertise bargains.

We Can Help with Illuminated Signs!

Now that you know that an illuminated sign is a must-have, whom do you call to take on the task of designing, manufacturing and installing this signage solution? We recommend that you call our friendly experts at America’s Instant Signs. We specialize in the manufacture of Orange County signs that truly stand out. Our service usually starts with an initial consultation and also a site evaluation. We measure the target location and look over the artwork that you already have.

Digital Signs Orange CountyNext, we work with you to complete a few proofs that let you take a peek at what your finished marker could look like. We continue this process until you are happy with what you see. In addition, we handle all of the permitting. This includes getting your management company or landlord to sign off on the proposed marker. We then head to city hall to get your official permit. Manufacture is done quickly and with top-rated materials.

When it comes time to install the finished sign, you can count on us. We are bonded, insured and have a C45 California Electrical Sign License. This means that we can do the full installation without having to hire a subcontractor who may – or may not – be available as quickly as we would like. With everything done by us, you know that the work will be done correctly – and quickly!


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Brendan Vacations Invites with Acrylic Lobby Sign in Anaheim!


Headquartered at 801 East Katella Avenue in Anaheim, Brendan Vacations works with clients who have always dreamed of vacationing in Ireland or Scotland. Ensuring that these dreams become a reality, the company has set up business relationships with vendors, service providers and transportation options at these locations. Understanding the needs of travelers and staffing satellite offices in Ireland and Scotland, Brendan can provide you with an authentic Celtic vacation where the company’s own staff members will take you around to the tourist attractions on and off the beaten path. When it came time to outfit their local offices with acrylic lobby signs, Anaheim, CA, situated Brendan contacted America’s Instant Signs.

The Creation of Their New Acrylic Lobby Sign!

Acrylic Lobby Signs Orange County

We discussed the various marker options that would make the company’s name and logo stand out. The acrylic lobby signs Orange County members of the business community have long since preferred also found favor with this company. We provided proofs and the management team chose a clear acrylic board with dimensional acrylic-faced foam letters that is mounted with standoffs. The resulting look is professional, sleek, modern and perfectly fits into the office’s setting. Is this something that you envision for your new or satellite office?

Acrylic has long since been a favorite when business owners favor the contemporary look. Since you can include any font as well as any size of the lettering, this signage solution is excellent for the company that uses a perhaps unusual font or envisions the use of larger lettering. Edges are always crisp. This gives these markers a sleek appearance. The highly polished face is modern and looks supremely professional. You have the opportunity to make the sign as substantial as you would like it to be. Do you prefer a thicker sign versus a thinner one? We can accommodate you! With 30 standard colors and five standard thicknesses, you have ample choices to create a sign that perfectly brands your company.

Other Lobby Signs Options

If you do not like the idea of individual letters, take a page from the playbook of Brendan Vacations, and opt for the acrylic board with the added lettering. Clear acrylic panels are a frequent customer choice, but other companies have selected colored or even white acrylic as backdrops for their signage. Dimensional lettering – accomplished with thicker acrylic or foam with acrylic laminate faces – then draws the eye. The advantage of the board is the fact that it does not have to be kept in a specific geometric shape. For example, you might ask us to route it into a custom shape that mimics your logo or a niche-specific graphic.

Going this route has the added benefit of providing your customers with yet another mnemonic device that helps generate name recognition. We grant you that there are plenty of considerations when thinking though your lobby signage. Talk to our friendly professionals about your vision for the finished marker that would hang in your lobby. What is the effect you are trying to have? How do you want it to fit in with your lobby? Do you want it to complement the color scheme or would you prefer that we manufacture a sign that represents a visual counterpoint? Call us today to get the dialog started!


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Schools First FCU Dedicates Building with Bronze Metal Plaque!


Schools First Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Santa Ana. Membership is open to educational community members from a wide variety of California counties. Famous for their lower fees and better loan products, Schools First FCU highlights that it does not work for profits but for its members. In fact, the company is so committed to its customers and employees that it recently commissioned a plaque to memorialize the founding of the organization. This is when America’s Instant Signs got the call.

Bronze Metal Plaques Great for Building Dedication!

Exterior Bronze Metal Plaques Orange County

Bronze plaques for credit unions in Orange County are not an uncommon sight. Unlike banks, these organizations have a strong connection to their members and realize that commemorating their first days in business honors a huge accomplishment for the then-fledgling organization. We met with the management team of Schools First FCU, and it was decided that we would install a bronze plaque measuring 24 inches in height and 26 inches in width. The high-quality cast bronze plaque is 5/16 inches thick.

This is one of the building dedication bronze plaques Orange County builders like to install for their special projects. The natural bronze finish shows raised text with a recessed background that features a black leatherette texture. Single line borders frame the plaque. The mounts are concealed on the back, which gives the finished setup a seamless appearance that increases the visual aesthetics in this setting.

Are you thinking of adding a stylish plaque to your property as well? Whether you want to display it on an interior or exterior wall – or other mounting surface – we can help.

  • Choose your style. Cast plaques display raised text and a recessed background. Etched versions feature recessed text in grooves that are usually filled with color. The latter is an excellent choice when you are adding quite a bit of text or highly intricate photos.
  • Select your mounting style. The hidden mounting option is a favorite of our customers. The plaque simply looks like is part of the surface. Another option is the use of decorative screws that go through the surface’s face. When wall-mounting these displays, the resulting look is quite attractive and shows off the beauty of the marker.
  • Pick your material of choice. Although bronze is the traditional signage material, you have other options as well. Stainless steel is ideal for avant-garde locales or those favoring a minimalist office décor. Brass and copper, too, have their advantages.
  • Add a border. The standard bordering is single. But you have choices. Opt for a wide array of decorative touches by trying out different borders. We gladly show you how the addition of one border or another has the power to change the appearance of the design. Depending on your company’s other signage, its branding message and its marketing tone, choosing the right border helps to align your plaque with the business’ overall appearance.

Although it does sound a bit complicated, choosing the right plaque for your needs does not have to be difficult. Our experienced signage makers work with you to discover the right material, design and look for your next commemorative plaque.


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BEHR Paint in Santa Ana Chooses Steel Lobby Sign!


Located at 3400 West Segerstrom Avenue in Santa Ana, the Behr Corporation headquarters are a familiar sight to locals. Of course, everyone knows about Behr and its patented color coordination tool as well as the company’s extensive line of paint products. When it came time to add one of the dimensional letter lobby signs Orange County businesses are buzzing about, Behr’s management team contacted America’s Instant Signs.

A Steel Look

Stainless Steel Lobby Signs Orange County

We discussed the company’s preferred look and it was clear that this marker was going to be as unique as the paints the business offers. Since they had heard about the steel lobby signs Orange County high-tech companies have begun commissioning, we were given the go-ahead to manufacture this type of marker. We made polished steel dimensional letters that measure 15 inches in height. The famous logo is made from the same material. One inch deep, the faces and returns are highly polished and gleam in the light. We professionally installed the marker with interior wall studs and adhesives. The result is a truly impressive signage solution that expertly brands the company.

Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs Orange County

Are you thinking of adding a new lobby sign to your office setting as well? Perhaps the old one has given out or you have recently re-branded? The attractive nature of polished steel may be a good selection for your business, too. It is sleek, exceedingly modern and will last for a very long time. In addition, this look suits any color scheme or office mood. Whether you are going for a retro look, opt for a minimalist design or are in the technology sector and simply want to highlight your avant-garde attitude, this is the material of choice.

Choosing Acrylics or Plastic

Yet there are other material options as well. For example, did you know that physicians have had excellent success with acrylics and plastics? The use of warmer colors – for home health care agencies – or the use of pastels for pediatricians’ offices draw in the patients and assist with branding. The atmosphere is one of compassion, welcome and professionalism. In other cases, the acrylics can be used as laminates that are placed on foam, which is then mounted to the wall. This allows for the creation of a 3D effect that the correct use of spotlights only heightens.

Selecting Foam

Speaking of foam, this material is an excellent stand-alone product when thinking about adding lobby signs for Orange County. Easy on the budget, lettering made from foam is durable and presents with the coveted three-dimensional effect. In fact, you can control the extent of this effect simply by telling us which depth you are looking for. Painting the foam is easy. We can easily color it to complement your office walls or paint it in such a manner that it becomes an eye-popping contrast. Artists and companies working in these niches have had excellent results with the use of colorful foam lettering.

All of this can sound just a bit overwhelming. Talk to our expert lobby sign professionals today. We gladly work with you to narrow down your selections of the ideal materials and colors for your next customized office marker.


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