What All Teachers Need to Know about Decorating their Classrooms Next Year

Posted by Linda Prina on Jul 24, 2015 1:14:00 AM

            White walls have always been taken as a sacred, blank canvas. Such a color, or the lack thereof, often displays a sense of purity and simplicity, but in reality, the walls are screaming out for some much-needed desire and attention. “Look at us!” they say, “We are the foundation and are anything but simple!” and therefore, as members who live under the comfort of walls, we must learn how to dress them in lavish style.

The Problem:

White is the “so-yesterday” shade to wear, and in a media crazed world, it’s easy to see why people are face down in a phone rather than a book. The key is color. The world is full of it and a phone is able to capture the shades that it reflects through Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, but stationary pages are doused in one boring tone: white, vanilla, bland. White is out and color is in. How could we treat walls with such disrespect as to drape them in white? Such flippancy must be stopped, and what better way to take on the task than to tackle the problem at its core: in the classroom.

Take a look around any classroom… go ahead and look. What color dominates them all? Yes, it’s white. It may be because of budget cuts, fire codes, or pure lack of motivation, but the classroom, the place of all conventional wisdom and learning, is dressed with boredom. It's no wonder students treat it like a prison, because it is represented in that same tone, but perhaps with an easy fix of homey color, attitudes can be changed, interests reinstated, and education feverishly pursued.

The Solution:

Recent studies have shown that color affects mood and therefore is a key element in personal growth both mentally and socially in students, so it is essential to find a color that is both pleasing to the eye and function of the mind but will also not be over stimulating, distracting, or even nauseating. Hopefully, with a livelier classroom color, there will be more lively students, and nothing is worse than the undead in the classroom.

(Source: Universal Pictures)


The Color Wheel and the Classroom:


(Source: Berkley)

To bring students back from the educational dead, a more colorful environment is needed, but what colors to choose specifically? We all know of the classic, “Rainbow Order” of the color spectrum, but no one really knows why these colors are displayed in this pattern. The Color Wheel, a visual map of color patterns, can help us study the relationships between colors, such as a pigment’s “friend” or “foe”:

  • Friend: Colors lay next to, or are close to, other shades that work well with them (such as red paired with orange or yellow) creating a harmonious relationship.
  • Foe: Colors usually clash with the hue on the directly opposite side of their position on the wheel (like purple and yellow). Although the clashes of colors are very eye catching, it is often a distraction in the learning environment because of its intensity.

The color wheel can also help us in understanding mood.

  • The first three shades on the chart are red, orange, and yellow and collectively are known as the warm colors because of their bright and exciting concentration. Warm colors give rise to high energy subjects and areas of more involvement, so choose these colors to highlight areas in the classroom that cater to physical movement and active membership like group activities, sciences or labs, and oral spelling.
  • Cool colors, such as greens, blues, and purples, are the last colors on the wheel and are said to be more calming and relaxed because of their subtlety. Use these colors to highlight areas of learning that relate more to concentration such as reading, writing, and math.

Extra Classroom Decor:

            Signs may also play a key role in a classroom layout by defining goals for students. Nothing says “Great Job” or “I’m Proud of YOU” like a personalized medal or plaque for students who have put forth the extra mile. Have an Awards Wall, filled with bright colors and patterns that catch the eye of faculty and classmates walking by that not only encourage them to do their best, but also display those who have done exceptionally well in the classroom. Colorful banners, posters, and wall graphics also give added spice to the classroom by making an educational concept, like the parts of speech, more visual and fun.

Overall Layout:


            All colors may be present in the classroom, but for the major elements within the room, such as walls and furniture, stick to just a few key shades that work well together. Nothing is more distracting, or scary, than a jungle of chaotic color. No one is going to focus with a monkey running wild in a room, and the some goes with crazy colors. Interior designer, Elizabeth Stout, recommends using multiple colors paired together to create an exciting environment that is still palpable and not diverting to the student or teacher, but be creative! Try using a teal wall color with yellow chairs to keep a history lecture room focused with a side snap of fun and excitement, or use a soft lemon pallet with lime and wood-toned furniture to give a vibrant yet relaxed feel to theater class. Any combination that is chosen can always be spiced up with a little flare, so be bold, adventurous, and mindful of the students.

A learning environment can feel like home with a little welcoming color. For more help on classroom layout, color choices, and design, please contact us at America’s instant signs by calling 714-693-2989 or visit our contact page here for any other questions, comments, or feedback.


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How the Fake 30 Rock Would React to the Real 30 Rock's Sign Replacement

Posted by Linda Prina on Jul 8, 2015 2:44:00 PM

As the last few seasons of NBC's 30 Rock predicted, General Electric has been acquired by "CableTown" or in this case Comcast. What does this mean? It means say goodbye to 30 Rockefeller Center and the General Electric sign and say hello to the new Comcast building. 

First things first, here's actual proof that the writer's of 30 Rock truly saw this coming:


And here's the actual event:



Here's how we think some of our old friends at NBC's 30 Rock would react to such an event:

Jenna would find a way to make a singing opportunity out of it. 

Tracey would have no clue what was even happening.

Kenneth would be optimistic and excited about the possibilities.

 Jack would definitely drink his way through the pain.

And last but not least, Liz Lemon would obviously have her usual response.

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8 Most Creative Bathroom Signs Sure to Make You Smile

Posted by Linda Prina on Jun 22, 2015 5:28:10 AM

These guys definitely thought outside of the box when it came to their bathroom signs. 

Woman: "Please excuse me while I go to the lady's room to powder my nose."

Man: "I'll be back. It might be a while."


Source: The most 10 

The fundamental difference between man and woman.


Source: IMG Whoop


"Honey, you left the seat up again."


Source: Indulgy

I'd imagine that bathrooms in space are something a little bit like this. 


 Source: Search Engine Round Table

Looks like these two really gotta go. And when you gotta go, you gotta go. 


Source: Tupain 

Simple, yet chic. 


Source: Etsy 

A first date conversation piece. 


Source: Futuron

Want to liven your workplace up like some of these establishments have? Give us a call at 800-305-1105, we’ve got some great ideas here at America’s Instant Signs.

5 Simple Ways to Drastically Improve Employee Performance

Posted by Linda Prina on Jun 22, 2015 4:58:10 AM


According to a study done by a team of economics professionals at Warwick Business School, human happiness actually has a huge effect on productivity in the workplace. So basically, happy workers equals a higher quality of work. That means that the magical question is, how do we keep our workers happy and productive? Well, Here are a few different things that you try.  

  1. Brighten the Atmosphere

Studies show that color actually has a pretty huge effect on our everyday lives. Colors can have an effect on our moods and even our happiness. If you find that you’re lacking color or style in your workplace, consider painting, or adding some colorful and encouraging signage to the walls. A little color can go a long way.

  1. Team Building

When people like who they are working with, they tend to like their job as well. If you notice that your team is a bit distant from one another, do a team building activity. Play a few get to know you games, or pick a Saturday to treat everyone to dinner, try and get people outside of their comfort zones.


  1. Incentive

Incentive is always a great way to get people to try their best. Don’t worry, providing incentive for your employees doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a trip to Paris, it can be something small a few times a month. Maybe the highest sales person gets a trip to the movies or a few coupons to get free ice cream. After all, EVERYONE loves ice cream.

  1. Recognition

Recognition is important when it comes to keeping a happy and healthy workplace. In addition to telling your employees when they are doing a great job, consider having an Employee of the Month award or an Annual Banquet where you can pass out certificates and plaques for hard work.

  1. Challenge Them

If you feel like your employees have gotten bored of their job, give them a new challenge. Group projects are always a great way to shake things up a bit and see what your team can really do. Try your best to create assignments that play to each individuals strengths while strengthening their weaknesses. A good challenge is a great way for everyone to reveal their potential.

 America’s Instant Signs is committed to creating quality signage for all of your commercial needs. If you have a quality sign that needs to be created at an affordable cost, we’re the people for you. Give us a call at 800-305-1105 and we’ll be happy to assess your needs.

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Learn Why We Are the Experts for Illuminated Signs in Orange County

Posted by Linda Prina on May 29, 2015 12:26:15 PM

Illuminated Signs for Orange CountyIlluminated channel letters and lightbox cabinets are among the most popular signage products for exterior building uses in Orange County. Doing business with professionals at a sign shop that know how to customize these markers and observe all the legal requirements in the process is a necessity. When you are ready to work with the best sign company in Orange County for illuminated signs, call America’s Instant Signs. However, do not just take our word for it. Let the facts speak for themselves.

  • Extensive experience. We have designed and installed lit channel letter signs for faith communities, boutiques and major electronics retailers. We handled lightbox cabinets for a broad range of educational and medical facilities. We know how to design a marker that brands your business and stands out.
  • Committed to excellence. We provide our clients with sketches and tweak the designs as needed until we completely capture your vision for the marker. We welcome input and work with the graphics you already have or design the signage product from scratch.
  • Lightbox cabinet signs Orange CountyOne-stop shop. We not only handle the design and manufacturing, but we also complete the installation. Since we have a C45 Sign Contractor's License, we have the legal right to work with signage components that call for electrical design and hookup work. Other signage makers have to subcontract these types of installations.
  • Committed to legalities. We handle the permitting process for your signage. We ensure that all components meet local code requirements. In addition, we have officials sign off on the finished product.

Of course, we also handle all aspects of refurbishing illuminated signs. We usually start out with a site survey that allows us to inspect the product. Due to our expertise with electrical components, we know whether the sign needs a complete overhaul that includes lighting parts or if it just needs some cosmetic touch up. By giving you this type of information up front, you know that the price for the job does not suddenly go up as we get started on the work.

Illuminated Monument Signs for Orange CountySaving you money is an important part of our job. At the same time, we want you to stand out and look great. Clients oftentimes ask us if it is possible to complement exterior building signs with other products that would heighten the attention their markers create. Recommending signage packages or combinations is part of our job. For example, a business that invests in a lit channel letter marker may also want to consider a monument sign that helps motorists recognize the entrance to the parking lot.

Another business may benefit from added vinyl window graphics that enhance the marketing and branding messages the façade signage provides. These one-two combinations are highly effective and benefit our business clients in a broad range of settings. Call us today and find out the other reasons why we are the best sign company in Orange County for illuminated signs. Our friendly technicians look forward to meeting with you and discussing your signage needs.

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Lightbox Cabinet Sign Refacing for Woodcrest Preschool

Posted by Linda Prina on May 26, 2015 7:30:00 AM

Located at 21772 Lake Forest Drive, the Woodcrest Preschool campus serves families in Tarzana, Lake Forest, Agoura and other areas in Orange County. With about 120 students, this accredited school has been working for four decades with young learners. When it came time to add new pizzazz to their outdoor signage, the preschool contacted America’s Instant Signs.

Freestanding Lightbox Cabinet

Lightbox Cabinet Sign Refacing Orange County

When you think of a lightbox cabinet, you usually associate it with a building marker that is installed to the wall or to a pole. In this case, the signage product takes on the function of a monument marker by being freestanding. Free-standing cabinet sign refacing for Orange County is one of our specialties.

We consulted with the school’s management team for the desired look and upgraded the framing as well as the facing. It now features a colorful appearance that displays the phone number and name to allow prospective clients to make quick contact. The multi-colored signage also appeals to the children who go to school there.

Does Your Lightbox Cabinet Need Work?

It is a common misconception that a weathered or damaged sign needs to be replaced. This is simply not always the case. While it is true that a marker with pronounced structural damage is less expensive to replace than to repair, a sign that still has good “bones” is actually far more budget-friendly to fix. We have devised an effective approach to discovering the difference.

  • Sign evaluation. We visit your location and take a close look at the sign. We inspect for insect and weather damage, structural problems and light component issues. We measure the marker and also take into consideration the need for a new facing.
  • Cost proposal. Next, we itemize everything that is wrong with the sign and needs to be addressed. We also incorporate your desired upgrades into the cost estimate. Finally, we disclose how much it would cost to simply replace rather than upgrade the sign. With this information clearly spelled out, you make the decision that makes the most sense for your business.

Deciding on a Refacing

Since most of the time it makes more sense to reface an existing marker, the majority of our clients opts for the repair and upgrade. At this time, we discuss the artwork that you would like us to use for the facing. Occasionally, businesses take this opportunity to work on rebranding along with the refacing. This allows them to stay relevant in today’s market while addressing a new generation of consumers or tweaking an appearance that did not work as well as expected.

We can create a new look from scratch if you decide that you would like to rebrand at this time. Since a lightbox cabinet sign refacing for Orange County usually also calls for new permits, we handle the permitting process and take care of all the legal requirements. We manufacture the new facing, make any needed repairs and upgrade the marker with its new look. Call us today to find out what we can do for your school, business or organization.

Ask Us about Cabinet Sign Refacing!

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Mode Distributing Chooses Dimensional Letter Building Sign in Anaheim

Posted by Linda Prina on May 21, 2015 9:14:53 AM

Located at 4945 East Hunter Avenue, Mode Distributing serves the western United States as a home appliance distributor. Selling through reputable showrooms that display the products, this company handles upscale, luxury and chef-quality kitchen appliances from AGA, Lynx as well as Heartland (among other brands). When it came time to add painted PVC exterior building letters for Anaheim, CA, professional venues, the company’s management team contacted America’s Instant Signs.

Integrating Dimensional Lettering into a Façade Signage Setup

Dimensional Letter Exterior Building Signs Anaheim CA

When we conducted our site survey, we learned that the company already had a logo as well as the building number that they liked. We were to add the lettering that identifies the name of the business as it is stated on the website. We manufactured painted PVC letters that stand out and feature the easy-to-recognize font of Mode Distributors. Doing so called for the expert color matching of the blue hues. The latter are part of the logo above the company name as well as of the name itself.

Working with Existing Signage is More Common Than You Think

Our professionals frequently design signage products for venues where others are already installed. Sometimes we handled the other markers, and sometimes we did not. It does not matter who the original sign maker is, when we add additional products to your exterior or interior, they need to look good and blend in perfectly. Here is how we do it.

  • Perfect color match. When we add new signage, it must match the other signage components’ colors. The one exception would be when the already existing sign is badly weathered and would not allow us to display the company’s colors properly. In this situation, we consult with the client and ask what color we should match.
  • Complementary size. The signage components must complement each other’s looks. This calls for an appropriate size. If we make the sign too small or large, it no longer fits in with the overall look of your exterior signage. For this reason, we take plenty of measurements to ensure a harmonizing appearance.
  • Matching finish. If the logo has a satiny finish, the lettering that displays a glossy finish may seem to be out of place. While this sometimes works as a visual counterpoint, more often than not it simply does not match. We take great care not to let this happen.

Choosing Dimensional Letters Makes Sense

Dimensional letter building signs for Anaheim, CA, are getting more common. Company owners are moving away from channel letters and lightbox cabinets simply because of the customization that these letters afford them. In some settings, dimensional letters have always been the preferred signage solution. Examples include office buildings and the venues of certain service professionals.

Select the material of your choice and then consider the color scheme. For those with a penchant for dramatic displays, it makes sense to select foam as a primary signage material and then add an acrylic or metal laminate. It is a lot more budget-friendly to manufacture dimensional letters from foam than it is to commission the same signage product from metal. Call us today for more information on this signage product and to start your order.

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Exterior Foam Letter & Logo Signs for AMD in Anaheim CA!

Posted by Linda Prina on May 18, 2015 10:24:39 AM

Located at 1231 North Simon Circle, Advanced Mounting and Design is in the business of customizing an audiovisual package that fits your unique needs. Focusing on the art and science that is the proper mounting of the various components, this company succeeds at taking your experience to the next level. Custom mounts are quickly becoming the standard at a time when consumers want modern technology set up in spaces that were not necessarily constructed with component placement in mind. When it came time to add a building sign, these experts contacted America’s Instant Signs.

Foam Is the Material of Choice

Exterior Foam Letter Building Signs Orange County

Foam letter exterior signs for Anaheim, CA, businesses are quickly surpassing other signage materials. They are durable, suitable for painting and hold up well under the hot Southern California sun. After meeting with the company’s management team, it was decided that the focus would be on the logo, which the lettering of the company’s name would support.

Installed near the corner of the building, the logo sits on both sides while the lettering is right above the building’s number on one side. We used the customized colors that the company favors on its website. The logo features an overlay that precisely duplicates the website look. For consumers who had previously looked up the company’s information on the Internet, this choice makes wayfinding a snap and allows the signage to beckon to these customers.

Using Signage Foam for all Your Marker Needs

Exterior Building Signs Orange County

Foam is the type of material that works exceedingly well for a multitude of signage applications.

  • Building signs. Foam is used for the manufacture of dimensional letters as well as logo shapes. Adding a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay for the look of the logo ensures that it takes on the same appearance as the customized appearance you have chosen for a website or for your letterhead. We can also paint the material and add glossy or matte finishes.
  • Monument signs. Did you know that entire monuments are now built from foam? The material is so durable and versatile that it makes an excellent wayfinding tool for motorists. Since we can shape and paint the material to look like wood, masonry or anything else, we can help you to create the illusion of a brick marker that is a lot lighter and cheaper than the real thing.
  • Lobby signs. Another use for signage foam is the creation of lobby signs. Business owners who like the idea of creating a dramatic presentation appreciate the look we deliver with two-inch-thick lettering that offers the potential of casting spectacular shadows with the right illumination.
  • Cutouts. Business owners use these for trade shows, in-store displays and office marketing solutions. We can outfit them to take the shape of your company’s logo or of the product that you are marketing. In addition, we can add a brochure holder to allow for further consumer interactions. Foam is a good choice here because it is lightweight, which makes it easy for staff members to move the product at your venue.

Whether you need exterior foam logo signs for Anaheim, CA, or any other signage foam product, call us today for more information and to get started on your order.

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Astrodyne TDI Chooses Dimensional Foam Letter Sign in Fremont CA

Posted by Linda Prina on May 14, 2015 9:08:09 AM

Located at 4040 Clipper Court, Astrodyne TDI is in the business of power conversion solutions for a changing industrial landscape. With a focus on military and industrial applications across the globe, the company is a recognized industry leader in its field. When the company needed one of the exterior dimensional foam letter signs Fremont, CA, members of the business community favor, the company’s management team contacted America’s Instant Signs.

Bringing Name Recognition to the Neighborhood

Exterior Foam Building Signs Fremont CA

When you look at the properties owned by the company nationwide, you are quick to notice that Astrodyne TDI favors a specific look. With this in mind, we worked on recreating this look with foam letters that we then painted in the company’s customized colors. The resulting marker perfectly brands the business and adds the Fremont location to the ones that present the company’s nationwide face with respect to marketing and branding.

Why Foam Makes Sense

There is a misconception about the use of signage foam. The name itself implies the use of a soft material that falls apart quickly. This is not true. In fact, signage foam is one of the most durable materials on the market. Rated for exterior usage, even monument signs are now crafted in hole from this material.

  • Useful for dimensional displays. Because signage foam comes in variety of thicknesses, it is possible to create eye-catching dimensional displays with the material. The resulting products bring a three-dimensional look to the table that grabs the eye and creates dramatic displays when properly lit.
  • Versatility of use. Do you like your dimensional letters to be machined? Would you prefer to have a signboard that brings out its message after sandblasting or routing? Maybe you value the appearance of a carved look? All of these looks are possible with the use of signage foam.
  • Waterproof. Since the material is not an organic compound, it does not allow anything to soak into the finished product. Rain has no effect on the marker. Exterior signs made from sign foam do not rot, decay or fall victim to insect infestations like wood markers might.
  • Installation options. We can mount your dimensional lettering directly to the wall. If you prefer the illusion of floating letters, we install the signage components with offsets. When you like the idea of having your foam marker take on the shape of a shingle, you open up additional installation options.
  • Cost effective. Foam is a durable material that is budget-friendly. While in the past it used to be a starter sign for a new business, modern-day use has even multi-national corporations look to foam for their signage needs. We can paint it, install digitally printed vinyl overlays for unusual looks or add acrylic or metal laminates.

See What Foam Can Do for Your Signage Needs Today

Call our technicians today to find out how foam may be the ideal material for your exterior building signs. Fremont, CA, business owners swear by this material. Let us show you why and what this material could do for your signage display.

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Custom Illuminated Channel Letters for Painting UR Way in Anaheim!

Posted by Linda Prina on May 11, 2015 8:08:55 AM

Are you looking forward to a bit of social interaction, some tasty wine and perhaps an opportunity to express your inner child with art? If so, Painting UR Way is the venue where all this can happen. Located at 8285 East Santa Ana Canyon Road, the studio hosts painting and wine-tasting sessions for clients who set up an appointment to join a small group of fellow artists. Bring food or let the company cater the event for you.

Custom Channel Letter Signs Anaheim CA

To ensure that budding painters will be able to find their storefront, the company called America’s Instant Signs for the installation of one of the channel letter signs Anaheim, CA, merchants have come to rely on in mall and strip mall settings. These markers help a business to stand out from the competition even while being right next door to other shops and service providers doing the same thing.

Creating the Marker with the Right Touch

For Painting UR Way, the signage had to be unique. We manufactured lit channel letters that spell out the company’s name. The sides of the lettering are yellow. The fronts are purple. The wineglass logo follows the same color scheme. We installed the letters directly onto the building’s façade.

When lit, it is easy to find the storefront even after dark. Customers who used the Internet to find the company and sign up for one of their sessions will have an easy time recognizing the name and logo when visiting the location. This makes wayfinding a snap. In addition, the name and logo are visually unusual and quite interesting, which results in plenty of foot traffic coming by to check out the location.

Why Choose Illuminated Lettering?

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Anaheim CA

The beauty of illuminated channel lettering is the versatility that this signage solution brings to the table. Unlike other markers, this is the one product that truly allows your company to express its branding message with the help of light and shadow.

  • Standard illumination. The standard channel letter sign features a front lit design. This simply means that the light is installed in the body of the letters and allows the illumination to escape through the colorful fronts. We manufacture these facings from polycarbonate to ensure durability and brightness of the color display.
  • Halo-lit signage. When you want to go for a halo effect, you may choose to have the front of the letter closed off with aluminum. In this setup, we usually cover the back with clear polycarbonate to allow the light to escape from behind the letters. This bathes each letter in a halo, which has a striking visual effect after dark.
  • Dual-lit marker. It is possible to combine both illumination options. Since you are allowing light to escape from the back and front simultaneously, you sacrifice a bit of brightness in the process. On the other hand, you end up with a sign that is dramatic and offers unrivaled visual aesthetics.

Getting Started

Our professionals appreciate the opportunity to show you what a lit signage setup could do for your business. When members of the local business community need illuminated channel letters, Anaheim, CA, entrepreneurs contact us. Call us today for more information on this signage product.

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