Maximizing Today's Technology on a Small Budget

Posted by Linda Prina on Sep 23, 2015 12:28:50 PM

It seems like you can’t get by in this world unless you have the hottest version of every single gizmo that is offered by Apple and Microsoft. As nice as it would be to own all of these items, we can easily calculate that most of us won’t be able to afford the expense of a MacBook Pro, iWatch, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Kindle, Amazon Prime, and every other premium video-streaming system while on a teacher’s salary in addition to our standard expenses. And yet, it’s expected that all of should obtain these technologies out of our hat like Inspector Gadget, but we can’t just “Go-Go-Gadget Windows Surface Pro” whenever we feel like it.

We are on a budget and because of this, we need to find ways to enjoy the technology without the terrible cost. Luckily, we have found the most desired equipment for the classroom and business office that won’t break the bank and still make you look like the Gadget Master

Luna Interactive Projection Camera

A common expression often used is, “the more the merrier”, but when it comes to a classroom or office filled with over 50 people, the phrase quickly turns into “the more, the more-expensive.”

Providing supplies and resources for a large group is no easy task, so when it comes to sharing these items, try a universal approach and check out the Luna Interactive Projection Camera. This device is an amazing three-in-one tool that is a projector, webcam, and video camera. Use the USB plugin to display any image, video, or online resource on a wall, or use the projection features to share live copies of any papers source. There is no longer any need to lug around a giant projector to share media files. The Luna Interactive Projector fits in your hand and can display nearly anything needed for your next lesson or proposal. Not to mention, you’ll be Mother Nature’s best friend when you no longer need to print off a million copies of a worksheet or pamphlet; all you need to do is use the camera to project your single copy on to any nearby surface (no screen necessary) in order to share. Try this amazing tool starting at just $195.

 (Source: Plickers)


Communication is key to the growth of any student or business, but when the classroom or firm consists of a mass quantity of people, interaction with each individual can be challenging.

Introducing, Plickers. This free app is an amazing introduction to online data, polling, and multiple-choice quizzing without having to invest in lazar remotes, or a meeting session, for every member. Simply have the teacher or head advisor download the app on their smartphone, print out individual QR codes for each student or employee involved. Once a question is asked, the participants hold up their codes, which indicate their personal response. The advisor or teacher then scans the room with their smartphone camera, capturing the answers, and uploads the response on Plicker. Within seconds, a bar graph is created on the app of the individualized data received, which can be immediately discussed. Not only do you save on time and costs by using a free app that brings every individual together, but students and employees will be very excited to use their phones in class.

Whiteboard Surfaces

Whiteboards have often been, and still are, one of the best ways to share information quickly and effectively with students and employees; however, personal whiteboards and large whiteboard surfaces are harder to obtain because of their expense in both manufacturing and shipping. However, a quick and easy solution is simply to make every surface whiteboard usable.

Special whiteboard paints, obtained at most home improvement stores, can be coated on walls, tables, and nearly any other surface to make them “marker proof”. Instantly turn your student’s desktop into their very own whiteboard so they can quickly work out math problems on their own, or share a flowchart with your employees directly on the meeting room wall. The paint allows whiteboard erase markers to gently glide on any smooth surface that the paint is brushed on, and cleanup is as easy as dry erasing. We were all taught as kids to never draw on the walls or furniture, but now we can, and it’s for an educational purpose too.

(Source: Nook)

Nook Book

As any college student knows, each term comes with a waterfall of books to purchase for every class. Each class may require three texts, and if you are taking any more than four classes, you’ll quickly find that your bank and your backpack can’t take the weight of all these requirements. If only there was a way to put all the manuscripts in one place and still save money.Thankfully, the Nook is here to help!

Instantly download any novel, magazine, or textbook onto one handy electronic reading supplier. This tablet, headed by Barnes &Noble, costs anywhere from $100-$300, which is way less than many college texts or competing tablet. Not to mention, they can store countless online texts needed for class, so when you need a book, simply download the text for a small fee and the content will be saved on the Nook’s dashboard to be viewed and read at anytime.

You’ll never be caught without your book in class because every text is conveniently located in one place, and since the pages are electronic, the books can costs up to 75% less than printed texts.


Don’t be caught drowning in the technological ocean. Stay afloat by avoiding the big brand names and choosing tools that serve more than one purpose. It's possible to be as technologically equipped as Inspector Gadget without having to spend an arm and a leg to get there.

For any more money saving tips when it comes to outfitting your business office or classroom, contact us at America's Instant Signs or call 800-305-1105 for helpful hints.

How to Recover From the End of Summertime Sadness at Work

Posted by Linda Prina on Sep 14, 2015 9:58:07 AM


Lana del Rey’s hit single scorched the charts when it was released over three summers ago on June 22, 2012. Now, you can’t go through the sunny season without hearing “Summertime Sadness” taking over the radio. People sing and dance to the hypnotic sway of the melody, fueled by the sounds of its sunlit spirit, but more recently, listeners are also crying. The message of this song now rings true; we are all feeling a little end of summertime sadness as we see the heat of Summer being sizzled out by the shadow of Fall. School is back in session and employees are returning to work.

However, just because the sun sets on another wonderful summer does not mean we still can’t have a little fun in the office as well. Here are some tips to keep you dancing with joy while still being at work:

1. Be Productive

It has been proven that those who are successful at what they love are happiest. Just because you are at work doesn’t mean you have to be sad. Take on your tasks with gusto and use your personal talents to shine like the sun! Soon, you’ll find that your boss is smiling on you with favor, and when he’s happy, you’ll be content as well knowing you made a difference at work. Still a bit of a procrastinator? Try these helpful hints to maintain progress:

Make a list: Creating a To-Do list complete with deadlines and steps will help you stay on top of your agenda without having to stress over time management. You may even find that you have more free time than you thought, so you can kick by the pool and sip on a margarita after you submit your project proposal.


Scan emails: Staying in contact and communication with the office while at home may seem undesirable, but it will also reduce tension. By keeping in the loop, you’ll feel prepared going into the office each day. However, to make sure you aren’t swamped with messages, create a separate email account for distracting junk mail and advertisements, and that way your work email is filled with just the essentials.

Head in early: The last thing you want to do before heading into work after summer is the thought of going in early. However, that transition from play to work may be difficult. By heading in maybe 30 minutes early, you can once again become acclimated to your environment, get all your social media browsing out of the way for the day, and become more accomplished (and less stressed) when it comes to heading back home. 

2. Make Work Day a Fun Day

Going into the office won’t seem like such a chore if you have a good time while you are there. Try out these helpful hints to make work more inviting

Decorate: Make your office visually appealing by decorating it with personal pictures and fun or humorous supplies. You’ll be more relaxed and comfortable feeling at home rather than in your grey cubical.

Make Friends: Even the most horrible day on the job can be made better with your own support crew. Having someone to share lunch with, or even just a laugh every once in a while, can make you motivated, and even excited, to go into work. When you punch in every day, it’ll feel more like a social gathering rather than a weekly grind.


Plan Events: Try something more than just casual Friday and plan an event for your firm’s branch. Make a friendly, themed competition against the floors in your building or have a monthly potluck on the grass for lunch. Give out awards and raffles. Hit up a bar Friday evenings with your buds or throw a random party in the office. You don’t need to wait for a holiday to enjoy your company’s great staff and success. Letting off a little steam will insure fun in the moment and higher employee satisfaction as well as loyalty in the long run.


3. It's almost Friday! 

If nothing else, keep the promise of a fulfilling weekend ahead of you. Plan something for your next day off to fuel you through the next few days of work. With something exciting on the sunny horizon, you’ll be more productive and more accomplished when it finally comes time to play once again.

Don’t let the end of summer keep you from singing your favorite tunes. Turn that frown up-side-down because you are what you make yourself at work, so be the best you can be. The number one way to have a good time is just to be positive, and I guarantee the fun will follow.

If you have any more questions or comments about adding fun into the recipe of work at your office, contact America's Instant Signs or call 800-305-1105.

Sources: Universal Studios, Universal Pictures, NBC

6 Crucial Things to Keep in Mind When Branding Your New Business

Posted by Linda Prina on Aug 26, 2015 6:42:00 AM

There is a reason why every swimming creature in Bikini Bottom loves Spongebob’s Krabby Patty so much. It's because its made with layers of goodness and love.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to create such a magnificent work of art, and Mr. Krabs knows this, which is why his business is so booming. Think any other underwater town has cheeseburgers? Most likely not. Mr. Krabs, perhaps one of the most noteworthy business tycoons, saw an opportunity to meet a nutritious need in his coral community and reached out to his fish friends through his expert marketing and management.

Here are some things to know in order to be as successful with your company:

  1. Set up Goals 

    (Source: Nickelodeon)

    Before you ever start working out the tiny details of your major corporation, you need to find a need that you wish to personally address through the values and products of your company. Mr. Krabs saw there were no cheeseburgers in the ocean, so he set out to create a restaurant to fill that need.

    Sit down and think about what it is that you want to address and do through your business and make a motto or mission statement that encapsulates those ideas. This is the foundation of what you stand for so make sure its perfect! When things are getting complicated, your goal is something you are always going to look towards to get back on track and stay motivated.

  2. Find Your Audience

    (Source: Nickelodeon)

    The last thing a vegetarian fish wants to eat is a Southwestern Bacon Burger, so perhaps selling a Krabby Patty to them is the wrong way to market. As ideal as it sounds, it's not super likely that you are going to reach every single person in the world with your ingenuity, nor are you going to want to take on that giant task.

    Therefore, find the target audience that you want to impact with your corporation based on the needs you wish to address. Start with age group, location, or circumstance and role from there. You’ll quickly find supporters if you target correctly.

  3. Socialize

    (Source: Nickelodeon)

    Online broadcasting is the craze of the century, and with technological advancements always on the rise, its safe to say that social media is here to stay. More people are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram each and every day, so the best way to communicate to customers is to advertise on what they are looking at.

    As sad as it is, older sources just aren’t as helpful to this generation. Newspapers are being used mostly for art projects and lining moving boxes, and hardly anyone knows what the YellowPages are anymore, so jump aboard the technological train! Create a company page, write blogs, or design a website to get some public awareness.

  4. Make it Pretty

    Food always looks tastiest when presented nicely. Even before we take a bite of our dinner, we just assume something tastes bad if it’s slopped into a bowl carelessly, and the same goes for our businesses. Someone will always be drawn to a company that presents itself physically well, so don’t skimp on the fluff and folds of your building or website.

  5. Create a fun and friendly logo or sign that is appropriate for you company’s intentions. Don’t be afraid to use color, get creative, and pay attention to space and movement. If you aren’t happy with your aesthetic, then your customers won’t be either.

  6. Get the Help

    When you’re dating someone, one of the best ways to get the inside scoop of his personality is to look at his friends. People can tell a lot about others based on who they associate with, so align yourself with associates that share the same standards and goals as you and the company you want to create.

    Someone who eats fast food twice a day is most likely going to be a poor physical trainer so keep your goals in mind when hiring. The best employee is going to naturally live and breathe the desires of your company every day without even trying.

  7. Feed the Feedback

    Once you make your statement in the world, its important to have a way for others to tell you what they think. It's one thing to have that option available, but another to actually create a plan of action from it. Listen to your people because they know what they want. There’s a reason why McDonalds keeps bringing back the McRib Sandwich, and that’s because they listen to their customers to find out what they want more or less of (and apparently its barbeque). Create a feedback page on your website for others to leave comments.

    Yes, sometimes people can be very mean and leave nasty notes, but at least you can take those words and use it as a driving force to change for the better. Knowing what you and your employees do well (and not so well) is the most powerful tool, so use it wisely!

(Source: Nickelodeon)

Mr. Krabs is a savvy businessman, and now you can too with some marketing and management help. If you have any more questions on how to make your business shine, contact America's Instant Signs or call 800-305-1105.

8 Things Your Teacher Wished You Knew on the First Day of School

Posted by Linda Prina on Aug 12, 2015 7:00:00 AM

  1. While this is your first day of school, it isn't their's.

    No. It is not. Not even close. They have been "staff developing" for at least the past two weeks. All in preparation for the day that you arrive. So...count your blessings, kids. 
  2. They have worked tirelessly trying to decorate their classroom, and they hope you appreciate it.

    Emphasis on "tirelessly." They have, no doubt, spent the past few days climbing ladders, standing on tables, designing educational signs, trying to come up with relevant catch phrases (#doyourhomework ???), and burning themselves with hot glue guns. Why do they go through all of this, you ask? Because they will do anything and everything to help promote your growth and learning. (And they want you to think that they have a cooler classroom than the rest of the teachers.)


  3. They have spent quite a few hours trying to figure out how to pronounce your crazy name.

    They really want you to feel welcome and cared for on the first day of school, and they know a lot of that can come down to them just making an effort to say your name right. (Some teachers even go the extra mile and memorize the names) So they have texted their other teacher friends asking if any of them have had you the year before all in hopes of not sounding dumb in front of the toughest crowd of all (students.) *stares hard at attendance sheet* Is that a silent Z???
  4. They are just as excited and nervous as you are.

    As much as you may be excited and nervous about your first day of school, your teacher is pretty excited and nervous about meeting all of you. Teachers get butterflies, too, you guys. 
  5. They are also just as sad (if not more sad) as you are that summer is over. 

    More sad. Definitely more sad. They have more than likely spent their summer doing exactly what you wish you could do. Travelling the world, visiting relatives, hanging out with friends, and sleeping of course. 
  6. They put just as much effort into their first day of school outfit as you do.

    So you think you spend a lot of time picking out your first day of school outfit? Well, imagine having all eyes on you for six hours straight. Teachers want to have a great reputation just like you do, so yeah, they also skype their teacher friends asking for first day of school outfit suggestions.
  7. They are extremely excited to show you all of the new hip lesson plans that they have for this year.


    If your teacher is stoked about the new homework assignment they have come up with that involves Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook - please act excited with them. They're trying guys, they're trying. 
  8. Above anything else, they are excited to teach you, and they hope that you are excited to learn.  

    ...And they are so excited to watch you grow all year!


America’s Instant Signs is committed to creating quality signage for all of your commercial needs. If you have a quality sign that needs to be created at an affordable cost, we’re the people for you. Give us a call at 800-305-1105 and we’ll be happy to assess your needs.

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What All Teachers Need to Know about Decorating their Classrooms Next Year

Posted by Linda Prina on Jul 24, 2015 1:14:00 AM


White walls have always been taken as a sacred, blank canvas. Such a color, or the lack thereof, often displays a sense of purity and simplicity, but in reality, the walls are screaming out for some much-needed desire and attention.

“Look at us!” they say, “We are the foundation and are anything but simple!” and therefore, as members who live under the comfort of walls, we must learn how to dress them in lavish style.

The Problem:

White is the “so-yesterday” shade to wear, and in a media crazed world, it’s easy to see why people are face down in a phone rather than a book. The key is color. The world is full of it and a phone is able to capture the shades that it reflects through Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, but stationary pages are doused in one boring tone: white, vanilla, bland. White is out and color is in.

How could we treat walls with such disrespect as to drape them in white? Such flippancy must be stopped, and what better way to take on the task than to tackle the problem at its core: in the classroom.

Take a look around any classroom… go ahead and look. What color dominates them all?

Yes, it’s white.

It may be because of budget cuts, fire codes, or pure lack of motivation, but the classroom, the place of all conventional wisdom and learning, is dressed with boredom. It's no wonder students treat it like a prison, because it is represented in that same tone, but perhaps with an easy fix of homey color, attitudes can be changed, interests reinstated, and education feverishly pursued.

The Solution:

Recent studies have shown that color affects mood and therefore is a key element in personal growth both mentally and socially in students, so it is essential to find a color that is both pleasing to the eye and function of the mind but will also not be over stimulating, distracting, or even nauseating.

Hopefully, with a livelier classroom color, there will be more lively students, and nothing is worse than the undead in the classroom.

(Source: Universal Pictures)

The Color Wheel and the Classroom:

To bring students back from the educational dead, a more colorful environment is needed, but what colors to choose specifically?

We all know of the classic, “Rainbow Order” of the color spectrum, but no one really knows why these colors are displayed in this pattern.

The Color Wheel, a visual map of color patterns, can help us study the relationships between colors, such as a pigment’s “friend” or “foe”:

  • Friend: Colors lay next to, or are close to, other shades that work well with them (such as red paired with orange or yellow) creating a harmonious relationship.
  • Foe: Colors usually clash with the hue on the directly opposite side of their position on the wheel (like purple and yellow). Although the clashes of colors are very eye catching, it is often a distraction in the learning environment because of its intensity. The color wheel can also help us in understanding mood.

    The first three shades on the chart are red, orange, and yellow and collectively are known as the warm colors because of their bright and exciting concentration.

    Warm colors give rise to high energy subjects and areas of more involvement, so choose these colors to highlight areas in the classroom that cater to physical movement and active membership like group activities, sciences or labs, and oral spelling.

    Cool colors, such as greens, blues, and purples, are the last colors on the wheel and are said to be more calming and relaxed because of their subtlety. Use these colors to highlight areas of learning that relate more to concentration such as reading, writing, and math.

Extra Classroom Decor:

Signs may also play a key role in a classroom layout by defining goals for students.

Nothing says “Great Job” or “I’m Proud of YOU” like a personalized medal or plaque for students who have put forth the extra mile. Have an Awards Wall, filled with bright colors and patterns that catch the eye of faculty and classmates walking by that not only encourage them to do their best, but also display those who have done exceptionally well in the classroom.

Colorful banners, posters, and wall graphics also give added spice to the classroom by making an educational concept, like the parts of speech, more visual and fun.

Overall Layout:


All colors may be present in the classroom, but for the major elements within the room, such as walls and furniture, stick to just a few key shades that work well together. Nothing is more distracting, or scary, than a jungle of chaotic color.

No one is going to focus with a monkey running wild in a room, and the some goes with crazy colors. Interior designer, Elizabeth Stout, recommends using multiple colors paired together to create an exciting environment that is still palpable and not diverting to the student or teacher, but be creative!

Try using a teal wall color with yellow chairs to keep a history lecture room focused with a side snap of fun and excitement, or use a soft lemon pallet with lime and wood-toned furniture to give a vibrant yet relaxed feel to theater class. Any combination that is chosen can always be spiced up with a little flare, so be bold, adventurous, and mindful of the students.

Any learning environment can feel like home with a little welcoming color.

For more help on classroom layout, color choices, and design, please contact us at America’s instant signs by calling 714-693-2989 or visit our contact page here for any other questions, comments, or feedback.


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How the Fake 30 Rock Would React to the Real 30 Rock's Sign Replacement

Posted by Linda Prina on Jul 8, 2015 2:44:00 PM

As the last few seasons of NBC's 30 Rock predicted, General Electric has been acquired by "CableTown" or in this case Comcast. What does this mean? It means say goodbye to 30 Rockefeller Center and the General Electric sign and say hello to the new Comcast building. 

First things first, here's actual proof that the writer's of 30 Rock truly saw this coming:


And here's the actual event:



Here's how we think some of our old friends at NBC's 30 Rock would react to such an event:

Jenna would find a way to make a singing opportunity out of it. 

Tracey would have no clue what was even happening.

Kenneth would be optimistic and excited about the possibilities.

 Jack would definitely drink his way through the pain.

And last but not least, Liz Lemon would obviously have her usual response.

 America’s Instant Signs is committed to creating quality signage for all of your commercial needs. If you have a quality sign that needs to be created at an affordable cost, we’re the people for you. Give us a call at 800-305-1105 and we’ll be happy to assess your needs.

8 Most Creative Bathroom Signs Sure to Make You Smile

Posted by Linda Prina on Jun 22, 2015 5:28:10 AM

These guys definitely thought outside of the box when it came to their bathroom signs. 

Woman: "Please excuse me while I go to the lady's room to powder my nose."

Man: "I'll be back. It might be a while."


Source: The most 10 

The fundamental difference between man and woman.


Source: IMG Whoop


"Honey, you left the seat up again."


Source: Indulgy

I'd imagine that bathrooms in space are something a little bit like this. 


 Source: Search Engine Round Table

Looks like these two really gotta go. And when you gotta go, you gotta go. 


Source: Tupain 

Simple, yet chic. 


Source: Etsy 

A first date conversation piece. 


Source: Futuron

Want to liven your workplace up like some of these establishments have? Give us a call at 800-305-1105, we’ve got some great ideas here at America’s Instant Signs.

5 Simple Ways to Drastically Improve Employee Performance

Posted by Linda Prina on Jun 22, 2015 4:58:10 AM


According to a study done by a team of economics professionals at Warwick Business School, human happiness actually has a huge effect on productivity in the workplace. So basically, happy workers equals a higher quality of work. That means that the magical question is, how do we keep our workers happy and productive? Well, Here are a few different things that you try.  

  1. Brighten the Atmosphere

Studies show that color actually has a pretty huge effect on our everyday lives. Colors can have an effect on our moods and even our happiness. If you find that you’re lacking color or style in your workplace, consider painting, or adding some colorful and encouraging signage to the walls. A little color can go a long way.

  1. Team Building

When people like who they are working with, they tend to like their job as well. If you notice that your team is a bit distant from one another, do a team building activity. Play a few get to know you games, or pick a Saturday to treat everyone to dinner, try and get people outside of their comfort zones.


  1. Incentive

Incentive is always a great way to get people to try their best. Don’t worry, providing incentive for your employees doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a trip to Paris, it can be something small a few times a month. Maybe the highest sales person gets a trip to the movies or a few coupons to get free ice cream. After all, EVERYONE loves ice cream.

  1. Recognition

Recognition is important when it comes to keeping a happy and healthy workplace. In addition to telling your employees when they are doing a great job, consider having an Employee of the Month award or an Annual Banquet where you can pass out certificates and plaques for hard work.

  1. Challenge Them

If you feel like your employees have gotten bored of their job, give them a new challenge. Group projects are always a great way to shake things up a bit and see what your team can really do. Try your best to create assignments that play to each individuals strengths while strengthening their weaknesses. A good challenge is a great way for everyone to reveal their potential.

 America’s Instant Signs is committed to creating quality signage for all of your commercial needs. If you have a quality sign that needs to be created at an affordable cost, we’re the people for you. Give us a call at 800-305-1105 and we’ll be happy to assess your needs.

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Learn Why We Are the Experts for Illuminated Signs in Orange County

Posted by Linda Prina on May 29, 2015 12:26:15 PM

Illuminated Signs for Orange CountyIlluminated channel letters and lightbox cabinets are among the most popular signage products for exterior building uses in Orange County. Doing business with professionals at a sign shop that know how to customize these markers and observe all the legal requirements in the process is a necessity. When you are ready to work with the best sign company in Orange County for illuminated signs, call America’s Instant Signs. However, do not just take our word for it. Let the facts speak for themselves.

  • Extensive experience. We have designed and installed lit channel letter signs for faith communities, boutiques and major electronics retailers. We handled lightbox cabinets for a broad range of educational and medical facilities. We know how to design a marker that brands your business and stands out.
  • Committed to excellence. We provide our clients with sketches and tweak the designs as needed until we completely capture your vision for the marker. We welcome input and work with the graphics you already have or design the signage product from scratch.
  • Lightbox cabinet signs Orange CountyOne-stop shop. We not only handle the design and manufacturing, but we also complete the installation. Since we have a C45 Sign Contractor's License, we have the legal right to work with signage components that call for electrical design and hookup work. Other signage makers have to subcontract these types of installations.
  • Committed to legalities. We handle the permitting process for your signage. We ensure that all components meet local code requirements. In addition, we have officials sign off on the finished product.

Of course, we also handle all aspects of refurbishing illuminated signs. We usually start out with a site survey that allows us to inspect the product. Due to our expertise with electrical components, we know whether the sign needs a complete overhaul that includes lighting parts or if it just needs some cosmetic touch up. By giving you this type of information up front, you know that the price for the job does not suddenly go up as we get started on the work.

Illuminated Monument Signs for Orange CountySaving you money is an important part of our job. At the same time, we want you to stand out and look great. Clients oftentimes ask us if it is possible to complement exterior building signs with other products that would heighten the attention their markers create. Recommending signage packages or combinations is part of our job. For example, a business that invests in a lit channel letter marker may also want to consider a monument sign that helps motorists recognize the entrance to the parking lot.

Another business may benefit from added vinyl window graphics that enhance the marketing and branding messages the façade signage provides. These one-two combinations are highly effective and benefit our business clients in a broad range of settings. Call us today and find out the other reasons why we are the best sign company in Orange County for illuminated signs. Our friendly technicians look forward to meeting with you and discussing your signage needs.

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Lightbox Cabinet Sign Refacing for Woodcrest Preschool

Posted by Linda Prina on May 26, 2015 7:30:00 AM

Located at 21772 Lake Forest Drive, the Woodcrest Preschool campus serves families in Tarzana, Lake Forest, Agoura and other areas in Orange County. With about 120 students, this accredited school has been working for four decades with young learners. When it came time to add new pizzazz to their outdoor signage, the preschool contacted America’s Instant Signs.

Freestanding Lightbox Cabinet

Lightbox Cabinet Sign Refacing Orange County

When you think of a lightbox cabinet, you usually associate it with a building marker that is installed to the wall or to a pole. In this case, the signage product takes on the function of a monument marker by being freestanding. Free-standing cabinet sign refacing for Orange County is one of our specialties.

We consulted with the school’s management team for the desired look and upgraded the framing as well as the facing. It now features a colorful appearance that displays the phone number and name to allow prospective clients to make quick contact. The multi-colored signage also appeals to the children who go to school there.

Does Your Lightbox Cabinet Need Work?

It is a common misconception that a weathered or damaged sign needs to be replaced. This is simply not always the case. While it is true that a marker with pronounced structural damage is less expensive to replace than to repair, a sign that still has good “bones” is actually far more budget-friendly to fix. We have devised an effective approach to discovering the difference.

  • Sign evaluation. We visit your location and take a close look at the sign. We inspect for insect and weather damage, structural problems and light component issues. We measure the marker and also take into consideration the need for a new facing.
  • Cost proposal. Next, we itemize everything that is wrong with the sign and needs to be addressed. We also incorporate your desired upgrades into the cost estimate. Finally, we disclose how much it would cost to simply replace rather than upgrade the sign. With this information clearly spelled out, you make the decision that makes the most sense for your business.

Deciding on a Refacing

Since most of the time it makes more sense to reface an existing marker, the majority of our clients opts for the repair and upgrade. At this time, we discuss the artwork that you would like us to use for the facing. Occasionally, businesses take this opportunity to work on rebranding along with the refacing. This allows them to stay relevant in today’s market while addressing a new generation of consumers or tweaking an appearance that did not work as well as expected.

We can create a new look from scratch if you decide that you would like to rebrand at this time. Since a lightbox cabinet sign refacing for Orange County usually also calls for new permits, we handle the permitting process and take care of all the legal requirements. We manufacture the new facing, make any needed repairs and upgrade the marker with its new look. Call us today to find out what we can do for your school, business or organization.

Ask Us about Cabinet Sign Refacing!

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